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Nicolas Cage’s History Of Swear Words gets a new trailer

Soon you’ll learn the history of something so potent, so crucial, so vital to our culture. The f*cking sh*t we live for. History of Swear Words with Nicolas Cage is coming to Netflix January 5.

The 20-minute-long six-episode series will feature interviews with experts in etymology, pop culture, historians and entertainers as they give viewers an in-depth look at the origins, pop culture-usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.

Guest stars include Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman, Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser, Joel Kim Booster, DeRay Davis, Open Mike Eagle, Patti Harrison, London Hughes, Zainab Johnson, Baron Vaughn, and Isiah Whitlock Jr..

It also features cognitive scientist and author of What The F, Benjamin Bergen; linguist Anne Charity Hudley; Professor of Feminist Studies, Mireille Miller-Young; film critic Elvis Mitchell; author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, Melissa Mohr; and author of Word By Word, Kory Stamper.

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