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Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision soundtracks released on limited edition coloured vinyl

WRWTFWW Records are releasing the soundtracks to 80s comedy-horrors Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision on limited edition coloured vinyl worldwide on the 20th of November. All three scores are the work of composer Richard Band (Reanimator, Trancers, Puppet Master) and we recently gave them a spin.

Record label WRWTFWW presents all three scores in lovingly crafted packages featuring a gatefold sleeve with full movie gallery, OBI belt, random video store stickers and full liner notes by Richard Band.

Established by producer and director Charles Band in 1983, Empire Pictures quickly became notorious for the horror-comedy classics made during its brief but legendary lifespan. With wild special effects, outrageous humour and over-the-top horror-action Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision were three of Empire Pictures finest, and each featured an unforgettable score by Charles’ award-winning composer brother Richard Band.

Ghoulies features the full uncut original soundtrack, available for the first time ever, pressed on limited edition 180g pink coloured vinyl, and includes a bonus 7-inch featuring Fela Johnson’s “Dancing with a Monster” and “Surrender” as heard in the movie.

Ghoulies may be a silly film but Band’s score is an orchestral beaut. From the Elfman-y march of ‘Main Titles’ – with its percussion and woodwind noodling that breaks for airy sweeping strings before chaotic drums descend alongside urgent and dangerous brass – 

to the epic brass and cymbals of ‘Father and Son Battle & Finale’ – that climbs the register to do battle with a spectral assault of strings and end on a thoughtful note with a hint of more adventure to come, Ghoulies is a lively and fun score that utilises every inch of the orchestra pit to create moods and suspense and if you listen very carefully you can hear the film’s production value doubling too.

Ghoulies is a score that can stand alone stripped of its accompanying feature, unlike Terrorvision. The record features the special director’s cut of the soundtrack pressed on a limited edition 180g blue coloured vinyl, but is hard to enjoy on its own minus the movie. It is extremely space-y and otherworldly, leaning way hard into the film’s sci-fi aspect with plenty of distorted electric guitar riffing and interplanetary theremin.

It is cool to have for posterity, but the TerrorVision score is too out there for any repeat play with wackiness that is far too on the nose and doubled down on at the expense of an enjoyable detached listening experience.

Troll features the complete soundtrack pressed on Limited edition 180g yellow coloured vinyl and is unlike either of the other scores in the set. Consisting of five extended pieces, three of which are ten minutes a pop – Troll is a dark and choral work that alternates between warm familial piano sections with teasing strings and neighbours-worrying chanting. It’s a thrilling listen that sparks the imagination and divorced from its film each piece feels like a self-contained story all of its own.

A beautiful set of very different scores that evoke videoshop madness and are a gorgeous document of Band’s work for Empire Pictures, the Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision soundtracks are all available in stores worldwide on the 20th of November.

All three records and other merch are available here:

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