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Best Documentary Films for Farmers

Today, documentaries are more popular than ever before. It is also more critical than ever for the voices of farmers to be heard and for the beautiful and uplifting story told by agriculture to be told in a mainstream manner.

Regardless of if farmers are growing marijuana from i49 or growing fruits and vegetables for the masses, there are some documentaries they should watch, and that should be shared with the world. Keep reading to learn what these documentaries are.


Directed by James Moll, an Academy-Award winning director, this documentary highlights six young farmers and ranchers who uncover the risk and reward offered by modern-day farming. In this film, nothing is off-limits, including small and large farms, GMO, and organic farming methods, and more.

Before the Plate

Canoe, a higher-end restaurant located in Toronto, Canada, works to trace all the ingredients from a single dish back to the farms from the Ontario province where they came from. The film has been called “all-encompassing,” including information on everything from organic farming and sunflowers to larger cattle ranches, beekeeping, and more. This film depicts an array of different foods and varied production methods.

According to reviewers, this film leaves watchers will “all the feels.” There could even be a few tears shed over the fantastic connection that viewers have with the family farm.

Well Fed

In this movie, the story of two Dutch friends is highlighted. While watching, viewers learn about genetic modification and how the first-world privilege is harming the Earth. It also shows how farmers in the poorest countries around the world require biotechnology so much more than others.

Science Moms

This is just a short film. It features science-based moms who share the same goal -; feeding their children without any fearmongering. Thanks to the shortness, it is easy for everyone to watch. 

License to Farm

This is a film that encourages for farmers to speak up and to tell their stories with messages that are devoted to bridging the gap between consumers and farmers. It also takes a closer look at how and if farmers will be able to feed over nine billion people in the coming years.

Food Evolution

This is a balanced film that highlights a debate on GMOs, and that is directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, an Academy Award nominee, and narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The filmmakers have developed a deeper understanding of what it is that drives individuals to decide regarding their food. It also focuses on the emotional factors that play into the decision.

Temple Grandin 

This is a feature film where Clare Danes plays a young Temple Grandin. It is based on a true story, and the film tells the story of her life as she grows up with autism. Eventually, Grandin finds her passion and life’s work with cattle and works at Colorado State University as a professor of animal science. She serves as a consultant to the livestock industry regarding animal behavior and serves as a spokesperson for autism.

As anyone can see, there are an array of movies and films that depict farmers and show off their contribution to the world. These are all must-watch options and will provide insight into this industry, which is one that every person around the world relies on. Knowing what is out there is the best way to watch the best farm-related films. 


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