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So Bad They’re Good: The Worst Reviewed Films

If you know a thing or two about cryptocurrency, then you’ll find a movie like Crypto patronizing, but hey, maybe it’s still worth watching?

Maybe it’s been a bad day at work, you’re not making progress with a new project as fast as you wanted to, or the diet has fallen off the wagon. Sometimes you need reminding that when it all boils down to it, you aren’t doing so bad.

Occasionally you want nothing more than to sit down in front of a really terrible film and look at how much worse things could be. Something big budget that absolutely flopped kind of vibe. Well, it doesn’t get any worse than these.



Cryptocurrencies are very much at the forefront of popular culture at the moment, whether it’s new bitcoin games, sky-rocketing shares of tech companies, or even cryptocurrency scammers, a day rarely goes by where bitcoin doesn’t make the headlines.

It was only to be expected then, that eventually, a cryptocurrency film would come along. Enter Crypto, a film that’s at once farfetched and completely predictable. A film that most viewers seem to wish had never come into existence, scoring a measly 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the most poorly thought through, and therefore hilarious, parts of Crypto is the score. We can all reel off the Jaws theme tune easily, it builds tension and lets us know that something bad is about to happen. Well, just about every time a bad guy hits the screen in Crypto, dramatic, operatic, Russian music reaches its crescendo.

It’s hilarious. Of course, the big benefit is you’ll have absolutely no problem working out who is a ‘baddie’. Alongside the spelling-it-out-for-you score, Crypto has a poor host of characters to match. Each scene feels like it could’ve been pulled straight out of a hundred other cliche movies. So, if you want a laugh at John Stalberg’s expense, then Crypto is for you.


Raise The Titanic

If you’ve ever seen New York Harbor, then the crucial scene in Raise the Titanic is more likely to induce giggles than awe

If you want to watch a big fat waste of money appear out of the ocean, then check out Raise the Titanic. This film was always estimated to be an expensive one, costing around $12 million back in 1980.

However, frequent director changes, more than a dozen scriptwriters, and some of the most ridiculous special effects saw the budget stretch to an eye-watering $40 million. Although that doesn’t seem as ridiculous nowadays, at the time The Empire Strikes Back was being made, and that only cost $18 million.

The film, as the name would suggest, revolves around finding the Titanic and re-floating it. Therefore, the biggest budget stretch came from creating a replica of the titanic ($5 million) and then realizing it needed a tank big enough to ‘raise it’ ($3.3 million).

Considering this part of the film should be the climax, it was widely considered an enormous flop. The titanic re-emerging in New York harbor didn’t fool anyone, and the film grossed a measly $7 million. If you’re feeling guilty about spending more than you meant to this month, then watching Raise The Titanic is bound to make you feel a whole lot better.


Runner Runner

Amassing a staggering 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, Runner Runner makes it into the bad films hall of fame, despite its relatively recent release date. At least it’s succeeding at something, right? The plot consists of a Princeton student named Richie who makes the journey to Costa Rica to meet an online gambling master, Ivan.

On his arrival, it becomes clear that Ivan is not a nice guy and the FBI is keen for Richie to help bring him to them. Why wouldn’t the FBI choose a completely unqualified student to bring a dangerous gaming tycoon to them? To say there are some plot holes in Runner Runner would be the understatement of the century.


Whether or not you can see past the poor plot, there are plenty of other elements that give this online gaming action its place on the list. Both major characters have absolutely no chemistry on screen, which is surprising considering that it’s by no means the first rodeo for Justin Timberlake or Ben Affleck.

If you’re after a tense, action-packed, big-time gaming thriller then you’d probably be better off taking a few spins of the roulette wheel at your local casino. If you want to watch two actors plow their way through a dreadful script, then give Runner Runner a shot.


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