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Videoman – Watch the trailer for the neon and synth soaked love letter to tape heads and giallo obsessed

A movie can turn your life around

When Ennio, obsessive VHS collector and borderline alcoholic, uncovers an exceedingly valuable and much sought-after copy of Zombie, he decides to sell it to an anonymous collector for a princely sum. However, the tape soon vanishes and Ennio is forced on a desperate hunt to find the black-gloved thief before his anonymous buyer loses patience.

Along the way, Ennio meets Simone, a woman obsessed with the 80s and Ancient Egypt with a severe addiction to social media. United by their passion for nostalgia (and stiff drinks), the pair soon become close. Can they save each other from their dark fates, or are they already in too deep?

Featuring an electric synthwave soundtrack from Waveshaper and Robert Parker, and expertly blending social drama with giallo thrillers, Videoman is an assured debut feature from Kristian A. Söderström and dark and delightful dose of nostalgia which finally settles a long-discussed debate… Who is better? Fulci or Argento?

Alan saw the film during FrightFest 2018 and said it was “a neon and synth soaked love letter to tape heads and giallo obsession.”

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