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The Folio Society’s new Limited Edition of Frank Herbert’s Dune will keep the Spice flowing!

Frank Herbert’s phenomenal tale of far-future desert warriors, fallible messiahs, and interplanetary intrigue is newly crafted as a magnificent limited edition from The Folio Society. Illustrated and signed by Sam Weber, and encased in a spectacular presentation box, only 500 hand-numbered copies of Dune will ever be made.

It also comes with the Dune Companion, which features essays by Michael Dirda and Brian Herbert.

An epic adventure of political subterfuge and messianic deliverance, Dune has become the best-selling science-fiction novel of all time, and is considered by many to be the genre’s greatest work. This exceptionally crafted new limited edition is a celebration of the novel’s literary magnitude and will be treasured by collectors for a lifetime. Limited to just 500 hand-numbered and signed copies, the lavishly illustrated edition is accompanied by a print and commentary volume, and is housed in a beautiful cloth-bound presentation box. The extraordinary treatment befits Frank Herbert’s epic story, which is played out on Arrakis, or Dune – a planet of nothingness, its torched wastelands home to a fierce nomadic people who stalk gargantuan sandworms the size of starships. It is a place where water is sacred and where to shed a tear is the most taboo of all sacrifices. And yet the planet is also humanity’s sole source of ‘spice’, the mysterious, addictive substance that underpins the workings of the galaxy-wide Padishah Empire. To control Arrakis is to control all.

The book looks gorgeous, but sadly it appears to be sold out. Where you one of the 500 who managed to get hold of it?

Limited Edition

  • 500 hand-numbered copies illustrated by Sam Weber
  • Limitation tip signed by the artist
  • Bound in cloth printed and blocked with a design by Sam Weber
  • Endpapers printed in gold ink with a design by Sam Weber
  • Frontispiece and 13 colour illustrations (including 3 double-page spreads) printed on Modigliani paper
  • 10 black-and-white chapter headings
  • 512 pages set in Dante with Helvetica Neue and Black Tulip as display
  • Printed on Abbey Pure paper in black and gold inks
  • Red page tops
  • Ribbon marker 11½˝ x 8″


Commentary Volume

  • Essays by Michael Dirda and Brian Herbert 72 pages 11½˝ x 8˝
  • 4-colour, double-sided, fold-out map redrawn by Sam Weber
  • Print for framing printed on Natural Evolution paper 10¾˝ x 7¼˝
  • Cloth-covered, central-opening, clamshell box blocked and printed in gold and black with a design by Sam Weber 12˝ x 8⅔˝ x 3½˝

You can watch the trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune here.

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