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Netflix Roulette: What should you watch next?

Suppose you are keen on movies or roulette. In that case, you can get enough essential clues in both cases. If you ever need to consolidate your knowledge of the game or spend some time enjoying the different versions – you will find online freeroulettedoc roulette games to be quite the handy option. However, we are going to find a slightly different type of roulette and specifically how to pick your next Netflix shows.

People have been ribbing Netflix good-naturedly, suggesting that they are spending too much time browsing through the shows without picking anything mainly to watch.

Yes, to a fussy, and even not so particular viewer, picking a show to watch can prove a challenge on occasion. The good news is that you can always tap into a few proven tricks that will make your selection process more comfortable and satisfied you with a choice.

#1 Give a Show an Honest Shot

The best way to start putting down shows on your naughty list isn’t via skimming through them and dismissing them altogether. Instead, it would help if you focused on asking yourself why you don’t like a particular TV series.

Often, the answer you will have won’t sound too convincing even to you. You see, you are just making an assumption about the shows out there, which means that you don’t know a thing about what is coming next.

In other words, you may think Orange is the new Black or Arrested Development aren’t your things or that they feel too slow, you haven’t watched any of those shows. There are arguments against any shows, and really, some will fail across the board.

The good news is that most won’t, and you can always take something away from them in the end. This healthy attitude will allow you to feel content with the choices you make and give shows more of a shot.

#2 Don’t Listen to What People Tell You

Even the best or even most down-to-Earth critics will always show bias. Do not think that anyone’s opinion is unbiased. Sure, a review can be significant and give away whether you are bound to like the show in the first place.

Yet, many people have found themselves giving a hard pass to many great shows just because they thought that someone was right. Of course, reading reviews is a great way to sift through the chuff. Yet, make sure to remind yourself that your tastes will change as well and what you may not have liked one day can turn out to be quite decent a few years since you last tried it.

#3 False First Impressions

False first impressions are quite common in cinema. You know how they say that the first impression is the most important. Well, if someone is shallow-minded that possibly applies. But, people who love cinema and TV series in particular, and especially the new wave of quality cinema would never dismiss a show because a false first impression misled them. Actually, it does happen! Some people were arguing that Brooklyn 99 is nothing much for reasons that didn’t have to do with the show itself specifically, but rather those people not even finishing a single episode, to begin with!

#4 Watch Shows with Subtitles

If you want to expand your list of shows you can watch and have fun while doing so, we truly recommend giving foreign shows a shot. Watching shows with subtitles is actually a great thing, and you will definitely have every reason to enjoy a different type of cinema. Of course, it may take you some getting used to, but trying foreign movies and TV series is definitely a great start. From Scandinavian noir to French criminal TV series, there are so many great things to see on Netflix and beyond!


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