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Cool Supercut: Le Paradis de Brian De Palma

To celebrate the 80th birthday of director, Brian De Palma, Moon Film has put together this great supercut that present moments from all 30 of his feature films.

Containing more than 400 shots in 12 minutes, it is by far our most ambitious video. The irony is that it doesn’t begin to represent all that we love about his work: the staircase scene in The Untouchables, the 360-degree shot in Blow Out, the museum sequence in Dressed to Kill, the dolly-and-crane shot in Carrie, the bridge sequence in Casualties of War, the Grand Guignol climax in Phantom of the Paradise, and of course, the Grand Central Station chase in Carlito’s Way. But our hope is that it will lead others to revisit the films or perhaps even watch them for the first time.

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