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Real Reasons Why Students Love Horror Movies

It’s quite common when students gather together to watch horror movies or discuss them at college. Let’s take a dive and discover the reasons why students like watching frightening scenes more than historical or dramatic films.

What is a Horror Movie?

The horror movies genre attracts a lot of people by its unique style. The primary aim of scary films is to entertain by eliciting fear. It can have a different plot that implies fantasy, mystery, or real-life situations.

Started more than a century ago, this genre is gaining popularity, especially among the young generation. Therefore, let’s discover why students love watching horror stories.

Reasons Students Love Horror Movies

There are no people who can’t make up their minds about horror movies. Some students like them, while others hate horror films. Those who don’t like watching scary movies think that only people with a fragile mental state like horror movies. However, making a deep dive into this topic, it’s easy to find why students like watching horror movies. Let’s check them out in the post below.

Scary Things

Some people want them to get scared. Since fear is one of the most powerful emotions, it helps them get distracted from daily routine and refresh their minds. A roller coaster is the best example to explain how it works.

Most people watch scary movies in a cozy and safe atmosphere, which makes bloody scenes less frightening. Landing on a couch and watching a horror movie is a great way to experience the blood-cooling feelings. However, there is one difference in real life. People watch horror movies in a safe environment, which makes it less scary.

Cliche Films Alternative

Most movies are similar, especially action films. However, horror movies are entirely different. They can have an unexpected beginning and story. Moreover, horror movies don’t have a happy end, which is different from the majority of cliche Hollywood movies.

Students are always in a rush and don’t have enough time to watch different movies every day. Therefore, when they have a few free hours, they decide to spend them watching hair-raising films.

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New Emotions

Sometimes, even those who don’t like horror movies decide to watch scary films and experience new emotions. Uncommon scenes make these people feel new emotions that shake up and drive them to look at obvious and ordinary things differently. For those students who are not used to watching horror movies, a frightening film can bring a lot of things to think about and rediscover some values in life.

Adrenaline Rush

Some students merely cannot imagine their lives without the regular adrenaline rush. In most cases, these learners decide to spend their free time doing extreme or combat sports. When there is no option to jump with a parachute, ride a bike, or surf, a horror movie can be a great adrenaline source.

Explaining Evil

Certainly, there are a lot of horror films that consist of bloody scenes and unexplained mysteries only. However, a large number of frightening films have a well-thought-out story that explains everything that happens.

These movies show the real-life with particular circumstances that drive people to do horrible things. Explained evil drives students to do a self-journey and decide if to justify or judge the main characters.

It could also bring a lot of discussion among everyone who saw the same horror movie because everyone has a different opinion.

After-Movie Effect

A student can forget an ordinary movie even on the same day if it raises zero emotions. However, it’s hard to find a horror film that leaves people untouched. In most cases, after watching a movie with frightening scenes, students think about it for a long time. Horror movies stick in mind and make students focused on watching films.

Gathering with Others

Another reason why students love horror movies is the social aspect. Frightening scenes make people gather together. When you watch a horror movie with friends, you are more likely to feel blood-cooling emotions and discuss frightening scenes with your mates.

The Most Popular Horror Movie

According to the IMBd website, the most popular horror film is ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ This movie tells the story of an ordinary man who decided to change his life and return his ex-wife. However, he decides to do this right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

On the other hand, it’s an amazing chance to show his usefulness by killing zombies and saving her ex. The only thing left is to survive.

Image by M. H. from Pixabay

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