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Sponsored Post: Film Stars Who Prefer Vaping Instead of Smoking

In the cine world, smoking has a special place along with alcohol as well as drug consumption. Whether it is on the set or at the events, smoking used to be considered a normal thing, but in the last few years, Hollywood stars are rethinking about this bad habit and being more serious about their healthy lifestyle. In the last few years, more and more studies about the adverse effects of smoking on the human body have made celebrities conscious. Vaping, these days, is considered to be among the most efficient and less harmful alternative to smoking. With the best CBD vape juice and e-liquids with aromas, it is becoming popular in the movie culture as well.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen’s acting career began at the tender age of 9 when he starred alongside his famous father Martin Sheen in the TV movie “The Execution of Private Slovik”. In the media, Sheen was not only the topic of discussion because of his successful films and series but he also made a name for himself through his love affairs and his fondness for alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. A threat from the Canadian authorities brought the chain smoker Sheen to the e-cigarette, during his stage program, with which he toured the USA and Canada, he couldn’t help smoking during the performance.

The authorities in Toronto wanted to put a stop to this and threatened Sheen with a fine of around one hundred thousand dollars. The threat worked and the world star promptly switched to e-cigarettes. He even had his own e-cigarettes brand named NicoSheen but in the meantime, the brand is no longer sold and Charlie Sheen is fully focused on acting again.

Tom Hardy

Hollywood star Tom Hardy has been part of the star steamer community since 2014. He was able to overcome severe alcohol and smoking problems, because of which he repeatedly appeared in the headlines. The temptation to smoke or drink alcohol took on an enormous presence in Hardy’s life through after-show parties and celebrity events. After his marriage with actress Charlotte Riley in 2014 and began forming a family and say goodbye to the smoking. He managed to break free from the glowing streak and since then, he has been a passionate vaper.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio is considered the vaping pioneer in the world of films. As early as 2010, he was spotted as one of the first Hollywood vapers with an e-cigarette. Whether on the beach, on the film set, or on the bike, the Academy winner always has his steam with him. Even during the award events, we have seen him vaping with conviction. In numerous interviews, Leonardo DiCaprio explained how happy he was to have switched from tobacco to e-cigarette.

In addition to the effect that vaping apparently has a positive effect on his personal well-being, the loyal environmentalist should also be happy about it that vaping the electric alternative also significantly reduces the problem of the tens of trillion cigarette butts that are thrown away.


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