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The Kaiju Score – New film will follow a heist taking place during a giant monster attack

The Kaiju Score is a new comic book from Aftershock Comics, written by James Patrick with art by Rem Broo.

It follows a gang of thieves as they undertake a heist in a city that is being attacked by a giant monster. I love that concept.

The Kaiju Score is a Quentin Tarantino film taking place in some corner of a Godzilla movie,” writer James Patrick said. “You have this giant canvas of a kaiju attack occurring, and as it happens there’s this more personal story going on. And after that setup, it explores how these four characters, who are in just the worst situation in their lives, believe the only way out is to do this impossible thing. This crazy crime. It’s about that desperation.”

The comic book is not out until November but Sony Pictures has pictured up the movie rights.

“The truth is that the whole thing has been wonderful and surreal, but I’ve also found myself kind of having not digested it because it happened so fast,” Patrick told THR. “I’ve tried to not be excited about it and just focus on my work, but I’ve failed at that. I’m excited. Period. Excited because it will hopefully bring more eyes to the book since it won’t come out until November, excited for people to read the book and see how much more it is than just a good hook, and excited if it brings more attention to my other work and to Rem Broo’s wonderful art and his other books.”

He continued, “Despite the fact that things happened with the publisher and movie deal so fast, this was a book that was developed for a while and it’s nice to see a payoff. And there’s a sense of relief since Rem had committed himself to it so long ago and put in so much work before anything ever came of it. And I can’t communicate enough how excited I am that this is with Sony and Escape Artists. They make great movies and I feel the material is in great hands. I can’t believe how lucky we got.”

The Kaiju Score comic will debut on 25th November 2020.

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