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Hollywood movies with gambling

Hollywood is all about the drama, so it will come as no surprise to find that there are a large number of movies all centered on the excitement that is gambling. In fact, there are many Hollywood movies with gambling and casinos. However, while there are such movies, they’re not always realistic, and that’s why we love them. There’s no fun in watching someone gamble carefully and sensibly – we want the risk and the drama that we’re not brave or skilled enough to do ourselves. So, check out our list of top gambling-themed movies, grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the thrills without losing your own money!

Going old-school

One of the best gambling movies of all time has to be 1974’s California Split. This is a tale about two gamblers who come together when they sit at the same poker table. Charlie and Bill grow their friendship through their gambling, though the former begins to suffer from serious addictions to the game. However, while the movie does put emphasis on this issue, it’s the charm exuded by the two leads that really propels this movie to the top. Not only is it a movie about friendship, but also about bringing in the weird and wonderful characters that populate casinos.

The Cincinnati Kid from 1965 is another classic that brings in the thrill of poker to the screen. Initially seen as a bit of a play on The Hustler, this has since received stronger reviews and a loyal following. Steve McQueen is the lead here, operating with his usual swagger and charm as he hustles other players in massive poker games. Of course, pride always comes before a fall, ensuring that this movie stands out as tense and rather more relevant in an era where gambling is much more monitored, responsible and secure to help players along in their gambling journey.

Modern day gambling

In recent years, there have been a number of top gambling movies released. In just 2019, Uncut Gems was released. This movie is a thriller, and a tense one at that. Howard (Adam Sandler) is a gambling addict. The man is completely lost in his gambling, eventually becoming destroyed by it. What really is superb about this thriller described on this site is that the story sucks us in, helping us to live alongside Howard and his sickness, even tempting us to believe that once, just once, he might be able to pull off a fantastic win. The movie injects pace, mania and enough thrills to make you want more; isn’t that addiction?

We can’t finish off a list of gambling movies without adding 1998’s Rounders to the list. Commonly referred to as the Citizen Kane for gamblers, this is a film that captures the deep masculinity and swagger that comes along with being a professional male poker player. Starring Matt Damon, John Turturro, John Malkovich and Famke Janssen, this is a movie that really helps to make the lives of a poker player feel more real and visceral. Other honourable mentions include The Sting, The Colour Of Money, Molly’s Game and Maverick, each of which offers something slightly different to the gambling world


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