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Movies about Gambling

Movies are created based on different aspects of the human race, ranging from crime to tragedy, comedy, gambling and more. One of the best selections is the various movies about gambling. As it stands, you will find a large collection of gambling-based movies and they are also among the all-time greats. When you watch any of these movies, you will get to learn a bit about gambling and in some instances, about one or more casino games. In some cases, the movies are non-fictional or even an autobiography of a top gambler. You can read on to find out more.

The Best Movies About Gambling of All Time

Over the years, many movies about gambling have been released. However, there are a few that stand head and shoulders above others. One of the greatest is the 1974 blockbuster The Gambler, which is about a New York City English professor with a gambling addiction. Another top gambling movie worth mentioning is the 1995 epic movie Casino. The movie is about a clever mafia associate put in charge of running a casino. Owning Mahowny is another top choice of movies about gambling. It is about a compulsive banker (Dan Mahowny) who steals from the bank to pay off his gambling debts.

Mississippi Grind, a 2015 movie, is another top movie about gambling. The movie is about a gambling addict who believes his newly-found friend is a good luck charm. Lucky You is another amazing movie you need to give a try if you want to learn a few things about poker, as it is mainly about a talented poker player. For new casino blackjack lovers, 21 is the movie you should watch. It is about a math professor who hired 5 intelligent students and makes use of their skill to win a lot of money at the blackjack table in Las Vegas.

Latest Movies about Gambling

Most of the movies mentioned in the previous paragraphs are classics from the 90s. Here, we will give you some recently released movies about gambling that you will enjoy. One of our favourites is Molly’s Game, which is a true story about Molly Bloom, an ex-Olympic skier who ran a large high-stakes poker game. If you want a little bit of comedy, The House is a new comedy-drama about gambling that you should certainly go on to watch. Released in 2018, the movie is about a couple who created an illegal casino to earn money after their daughter’s university scholarship was cancelled.

There are comedy movies about gambling that you can also watch. They include King of Mahjong, From Vegas to Macau II, Win it All, Big Shot: Confessions, and Uncut Gems (for people who love dark comedy). If you are looking for a little bit of action and fight scenes, Wild Card is a gambling-based movie about a recovering gambling addict. Another action-based movie about gambling you should certainly try is Animal Action. The movie is about a youth who submits himself to a high-stakes game of chance on a disused warship. Other recently released movies about gambling you can watch include Wolves, Inside Game, and Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler.


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