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Thor: Join the Legendary God of Thunder on his Battle Against the Evil Forces

The last few years have been eventful for any super-hero fan. Both Marvel and DC decided to dish out one of the super-hero flicks after the other. The mythological super-heroes like Thor and Loki took center stage and gave us more entertainment too. Yes, the same powerful God of Thunder was banished and tried to reclaim his throne from the clutches of Loki.

Mythological films have always been an attraction, and thanks to the craft of major film production companies, this has been larger than life experience. The films have the best names in the industry in all teams, working together to create the phenomena on screen. You can even play the Thor title from the Kerching casino site as suggested by if you seek to experience the slot game version of the same name.

Thor- the Movies and How they Built up the Craze

Thor was no exception and when the Marvel Studios released Thor in April 2011. The movie was about the King of Asgard, and the God of Thunder, Thor, who is about to ascend the throne after defeating the Frost Giants in Norway. Thor falls out of his father Odin’s good books, and that makes him strip Thor of his powers. He is sent to earth as a mortal only with his powerful hammer, Mjölnir.

As he tries to come to Earthly terms, his estranged brother sends Destroyer to kill him. Thor’s loyal Warrior 3 and Sif wish to bring Thor back by attempting to bribe the gatekeeper, Heimdall. That prompts Thor to return to Asgard and reclaim his power. The story captivated the audience leading the success of the film. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman played the lead roles, and Kenneth Branagh directed the film. So much was the success of the movie that he later became one of the super-heroes to feature in the Avengers team.

Music, too, plays a significant role in this movie we all know. Patrick Doyle, with his Celtic roots, brings out the best of the background in this movie. The film has a deep inclination towards the Norse mythology and Celtic backdrop that we get to see through the film.

The Thor Magic Continues

The other films in this franchise came up in later years like 2013, saw the release of Thor: The Dark World, and more. The most recent one was Thor Ragnarok that has once again proven that the people love this hammer-wielding super-hero.

The second movie was a sequel to the first movie and begins with Loki now in prison for the crimes he had committed in the earth. On the other hand, there is a talk about Bor, the father of Odin, who had once hidden a powerful weapon called the Aether. We also see Jane Foster trying to get a portal to Asgard. This is when she unknowingly possesses the Aether. A big battle ensues as the different forces of the earth and beyond clash – one of Thor trying to protect it with Jane Foster and the other trying to get it. Loki escapes the prison and finally lays down his life to save the kingdom. Thor promises Loki that he will be forever proud of his sacrifice and comes back to Asgard. This Aether is one of the Infinity Stones, and we get to see this in the middle of the credits.

This movie has become crucial to the plot development of the Infinity War saga, and those looking for the clues across the MC Universe will be glad to find one here.

Thor Ragnarok came in 2017 the third title in this Thor filmology Directed by Taika Waititi, and this movie was set two years after the battle of Sokovia. The kingdom of Asgard is under the siege of the demon Surtur. Thor kills this demon and tries his best to protect his kingdom from the prophecy of the Ragnarok. This is also the movie where we get to see Hulk joining Thor to help him fight the battle against dominant powers.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the movie touted to release in 2022. Fans are already looking forward to watching this after a hiatus. The movie is the fourth installment of this Thor franchise of films for the movie and super-hero buffs.


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