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Differences between Escape from Tarkov – Bear and USEC – the two Factions of EFT

In Escape from Tarkov, you have two playable factions to choose from, such as Russian BEAR and USEC. Therefore, we have compiled a guide that describes the difference between these two playable factions. Before going ahead, you should know that Escape from Tarkov is an MMOFPS video game, developed by indie developers for PC. Till now, it’s not confirmed that the title will be released on a gaming console or not in the future. It is a complex FPS game that has obtained massive popularity because of its highly realistic-style. The game features a permadeath element, and the fear of losing all hardly acquired weapons will force the players to work hard to get EFT Roubles that will create a feeling of tension that is hard to face.

After beginning the game, the first-choice players have to choose one of two playable factions. There are two factions, such as USEC controlled by Americans, and BEAR army led by Russians. Aside from a detailed introduction of each faction, a small part shown the difference between these two parties. During the game, players may have some complexities to decide which one is right to play and will suitable for their playing style. Therefore, here’s a guide that will describe the differences between the two factions.

Differences between USEC and BEAR in EST

Without any doubt, the first difference between the two factions is the varied nationalities as Russians control BEAR, while Americans lead USEC. Members of both teams can be recognized by their voice-overs and appearances as well. This is because of their purely cosmetic difference as they hold no bearing on the actual gameplay.

The main differences between these two parties are their starting weapons. Members of the BEAR team will start with Russian-inspired armors, like AKS-74U, while the American’s USEC starts with weapons that are usually geared towards the NATO-like MP5. Although the minor differences will remain, the most vital component of the player’s loadout seems to be ammo.

More Playable Factions are Coming Soon

You would be happy to know that more factions are on the way as the developers confirmed it. Additionally, they said that further factions are in development, and the USEC will be more focused on light to medium armor and American built weapons. In the game, BEAR faction will rely on heavy weaponry and increasing stats with Kalashnikov armors. The developers haven’t given the estimated timeline, in which these changes will appear. You might know about Tarkov Roubles are the in-game currency, letting you purchase a variety of content and weaponry to boost your performance. If you’re a newbie, you can buy EFT Roubles using the real-world cash to obtain delightful EFT items.




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