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Watch Some of the Best TV Series on 2020 We All Want to See Now!

With so many great TV series in 2020, we still have many TV series we are just dying to see the next season of! Find out which those are here.

You can’t rush a good thing, some say, but would it hurt to at least try? We have all had the pangs of waiting next season to be released. These days, with binge-watching around, there’s not as much waiting for the next episode. Instead, we all want to see next season! Just like you would do some shopping around before you play online roulette for AUD, so you probably have been looking forward some great TV series and gems. Well, don’t you worry, because there are tons to pick from as it were. Today, we will talk about a few highly-anticipated TV series that we simply can’t have enough of!

Chronicles of Narnia – Let’s Make That Happen

Netflix is known for televising some of the best dramas and TV shows out there – from Narcos to Sabrina, from The Witcher to Dirk Gently. There is a lot of great production value, and now there is some looking into the possibility of bringing the Chronicles of Narnia to Netflix.

How great would that be? Narnia may go all the way back and certainly not feature the political twists and turns of Game of Thrones, but when all is said and done, this is one of the most lasting stories in our collective fantasy pantheon.

Netflix recently bought the rights to the series in a multi-year deal, which can mean only one thing and one thing alone – we are going to see one of the most beloved adventures coming to Netflix adding to the movies of the mid-2000s and putting an entirely new spin on them.

Narnia is definitely one of the TV series we would all want to know more about and see on the small screen sooner rather than later!

Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings

More Lord of the Rings? Sure! Even if it’s the somewhat misbegotten effort of Peter Jackson in The Hobbit, we definitely want to see more of the Lord of the Rings lore come to life. Of course, as modern fans, we have a different perception of the story, and we wouldn’t mind seeing it televised once again. Imagine 12 seasons of Lord of the Rings?

In fact, if this production is going to be any good at all, it better be at least 12 seasons – years of enjoyment down the road, and quite understandably, some months of waiting for the next season to arrive!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Loved “The Haunting of Hill House?” Well, lucky for you, Mike Flanagan is not quite done with his supernatural creations and you will get a new gem dropped by Netflix at some point this year. The Haunting of Bly Manor is another periodic ghost drama in which a governess, tasked with the care of two children, begins to seem some uncanny, supernatural things that very quickly turn into ghastly apparitions, which bode nothing well for her mental and physical well-being. But which one is it? That’s what the governess has to figure out and figure out quick, because the ghosts and supernatural creatures get testier and more daring with each minute of screen time.

The Witcher – Season 2

Yes, The Witcher definitely got it all right. Netflix’s story started somewhat slow, but it definitely turned out to be a worthy adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski whose imagination has created one of the world’s longest-lasting fantasy narratives. While some have been a wee bit skeptical towards Netflix’s rendition, the production has proven one of immense quality, equally captivating people who are new to the Witcher franchise, but also appealing to the hardcore fans who have been reading the books and playing the video games for decades now. With Season 2 on the way, we are dying to see what is in for us this year!




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