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Review: The World’s Fastest Indian

The World’s Fastest Indian has one of the most interesting plots ever and it was shot in New Zealand. The name might sound confusing but actually India refers to the motorcycle. This is a biographical sports drama film that is based on the speed bike racer, Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins), and his life. Munro is a world-famous racer and he is the ultimate master in his craft. The Indian, the motorcycle is an Indian Scout that has been highly modified. Munro as a racer set multiple records in motorcycle racing during the 50s and the 60s. And the New Zealanders loved so much that his popularity went abroad and people all across the world knew about this man’s craftsmanship.

But of course, he was part of New Zealand’s sports and entertainment life and people were rooting for him and betting on his wins all year round, while he was still racing. Betting, in general, is a huge part of the entertainment in New Zealand and so is gambling. Now the gambling services, especially casino deposit bonus codes New Zealand have taken to online spheres to develop and attract more customers and you would be surprised by how many online gambling operators there are in New Zealand. There were thousands of betting on Munro and supporting his career.

The film was released in 2005, and it soon became the highest-grossing film New Zealand has ever produced. It made just over $18 million worldwide and was taken on theatrical release in January of 2006 in The U.S.

In his hometown, Invercargill, Burt Munro is a local hero of sorts, and everyone knows just how well he can race and how he knows his motorcycle inside out. Everyone in town knows that Munro has the fastest motorcycle across New Zealand and Australia and he’s even more adored because of his personality. But on the flip side, there are a lot of people in the town who are simply fed up with Munro’s unique way of life and want him out of the picture. The reason is mostly his loud motorcycle and his obsession with racing. He becomes even more famous when he lands a cover of the local Popular Mechanics magazine, obviously causing even more side-eyes across his neighbors who secretly wish him no good.

While the motorcycling enthusiast has always been the best in New Zealand, he has also always wanted to try his luck in the USA, at Bonneville Speedway. The main character finally saves up enough money to travel to Los Angeles and he decided to pursue his dream and go for it.

When arriving in the city of angels, he finds a picture that has nothing in common with his dreams of Bonneville Speedway. In Los Angeles, where he arrived by a cargo ship, instead of passionate racers he just finds bureaucracy, skepticism, and snobbish people, who actually rule the racing scene. But relying on his strong character and his charm he manages to reach his goal and get into the competition. But he has to go through numerous challenges, like getting the job, getting the vehicle to travel to the destination, and all the small details that would annoy everyone.

When he finally manages to get to the destination he is blocked for not registering earlier but with the help of kind strangers, he manages to participate and break the land speed record.

The movie is an entertaining tale of commitment, fearlessness, and the ability of some people to stay strong in the face of multiple challenges.

This is one of the most important and fascinating movies to ever come out of New Zealand and the main character manages to make you truly care about his cause and what he wants to achieve with his life and his motorcycle.

The movie is full of little details that can be relatable to everyone, even if you don’t have the history of racing the Fastest Indian. The characters are complex and it makes it easy for everyone to relate to. This is why his movie is one of the biggest to ever come out of New Zealand and has been requested for the international release. It was probably one of the most successful movies to ever come out of Tasmanian regions and will remind as an example for others to follow for a while.


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