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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is getting a major TV adaptation

There have been a few attempts to bring Terry Pratchett’s Discworld to the small screen (The Watch is the latest, but it looks a little off), but it seems all of his novels may be heading to TV.

On what would have been Pratchett’s 72nd birthday, Narrativia (the late author’s production company) has announced a partnership with Motive Pictures and Endeavor to bring the novels to life in a series of “definitive screen adaptations” and “remain absolutely faithful to Sir Terry Pratchett’s original, unique genius. The spirit of this new alliance has been forged from a shared love of the source material, and a commitment to create an epic series, which will kick off with some of the most iconic titles in Sir Terry’s fiercely incisive and satirical universe.”

Co-Director of Narrativia Rhianna Pratchett said: “Discworld teems with unique characters, witty narrative and incredible literary tropes, and we feel these should be realised on screen in a form that my father would be proud of.

“It’s wonderful to embark on this journey with Motive and Endeavor Content, who both perfectly share our vision to make this a reality.”

Rob Wilkins, Managing Director of Narrativia, added: “The Discworld books are a huge source of joy to millions of readers, and rightly so; every paragraph, phrase and footnote was crafted with brilliance and flair and we are committed to bringing Terry’s world to the screen with the respect and care it deserves. With this partnership, we are delighted to say that Discworld has finally found its home.”

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