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Memorable locations used in James Bond films

One of the most exciting, glamorous, and popular film franchises over recent Hollywood history are the James Bond movies. There is just so much to these films that appeal to a wide range of people! Those who like to feel the thrill of opulent casino play can enjoy the many scenes where Bond enjoys a hand of Baccarat or Chemin de Fer, for example. That might even inspire you to have a go yourself at an online casino from home – get SugarHouse casino bonus code details first, though, so you have more money with which to play.

Of course, there is also the cast of arch-villains, the character of Bond himself, and the fancy gadgets he gets to use, which all help these movies to work. Another big reason for their continued success is the fabulous locations that are used. They help give the films a real decadence and take us, the viewer, into Bond’s world of international espionage. For those who love movies, this is an extremely attractive feature.

But which are the most memorable Bond locations ever?


Grandhotel Pupp – Casino Royale

Next to Moore and Connery, many highly rank Daniel Craig’s fresh take on Bond. After the Brosnan years, Craig has injected new life into the franchise for a new generation of fans. 2006’s Casino Royale was his first appearance and a fresh reboot for Bond. One of the most iconic locations in this film was the Grandhotel Pupp in the Czech Republic. That was where Bond took on villain Le Chiffre in a tense casino scene. While Bond eventually wins out, it is not all plain sailing along the way. The glamour and beauty of the Grandhotel Pupp are ideal for capturing the essence of a Bond film.


Monastery of the Holy Trinity – For Your Eyes Only

Roger Moore was one of the most popular Bonds ever and brought his brand of humor to the role. He starred in many of the most famous Bond films, however, For Your Eyes Only from 1981 is a favorite of fans. One of the most spectacular locations used in this movie was the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Meteora, Greece. The monastery is beautiful to look at, but its most striking feature is its setting on top of a vast mountain. Luckily, while Bond had to scale the cliff face to gain access, ordinary people can climb the 140 step staircase set into the cliff. It is probably not a great idea to visit if you don’t like heights!


Giza Plateau – The Spy Who Loved Me

Another classic Bond movie which Moore led was 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. It was a critical success as it gained three Oscar nominations! This film was notable not only for Moore’s deft portrayal of Bond but also for the appearance of arch-rival Jaws. One of the most exotic and beautiful locations in this movie was the Giza Plateau in Egypt. That is where fabulous ancient treasures like the Sphinx and Great Pyramid are located. It was also the night-time setting for a fight between Jaws and Bond while the ‘Sound and Light’ show played in the background.


Ochos Rios – Dr. No

Sean Connery was the first actor to play Bond on the big screen and, for many, he is still the best. You can certainly see that Daniel Craig has taken some inspiration from Connery for his take on the character. Dr. No was released in 1963 and is the first flick in the franchise. It was a huge hit and paved the way for the movies to grow to where they are today. One of the most iconic locations in Bond history is Ochos Rios in Jamaica. It is home to the stunning Oracabessa Beach, where Ursula Andress walked up from the ocean and into film history. While other locations come close, this picture-perfect slice of paradise has remained iconic.


Bond movies also deliver plenty of thrills

Anyone who has ever watched a Bond movie knows how daring, thrilling, and glamourous they are. A significant part of this is the worldwide locations the action is set in and the exotic places Bond visits. Without this in place, the franchise would not have quite the same impact. As the above choices show, 007 has undoubtedly been to some far-flung and fantastic settings in his fight against global crime. As the series rumbles on, we can only wait to see where he may head next.


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