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Netflix Original Series You Must Binge-Watch In 2020

Netflix, the streaming giant has begun 2020 with more reality shows and series than dramas. It is even good news now that you are bound to get stuck indoors indefinitely. To keep up with the best from Netflix, you need to check up on the feed every night. Netflix is always expanding and you will never miss out on something from the list.

So, are you ready to see our ultimate Netflix series list? Make sure to grab a popcorn and be on your favorite spot. Below are the best original series that you should watch this year.


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

This series is about a tiger breeder Joe Exotic who owns a private zoo in Oklahoma, America. He is seen running campaigns for office, polygamous marriages, vicious feuds, and music videos. This is perfect for parents who wants to stay in the living room with their little one laying comfortably in a baby sleep pod all day or night watching Tiger King. It is full of drama, murder, and madness with wild characters committing lots of crimes. The show will get your attention and will help you go for a break from the pandemic news for some time.



The series tells a story of a young Jewish lady who ran away from her motherland, Brooklyn where her marriage was planned and started a new life in Berlin. The series is based on the historical background of Deborah Feldman. The cast’s performance in unorthodox is exceptional making it a great watch on Netflix.


Sex Education

This series highlights some real issues associated with teen sexuality giving out honest and uncomfortable stories of the same. This season is even more real compared to season 1. It addresses issues like the epidemic of misinformation about STDs, asexuality, female pleasure, anal sex, and consent. It is a combination of a powerful, touching yet hilarious series that you must watch this year. This is where mothers with small babies need Moses baskets by their sides always to keep them watching without the trips to the babies’ bedrooms.


Killer Inside – The mind of Aaron Hernandez

As much as you are not into sports, this documentary will kill the “stay at home” boredom. It gives us the story of NFL star who became a murderer. It goes back to the murder of Lloyd Odin in 2015 where Hernandez was accused as well as his trial for the double killing of Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu in 2012. The documentary shows a man with new audio recordings of Hernandez talking to his lawyer, daughter and mother. Watching the documentary mini-series, you will understand the dangers that football can cause to the human brain and the struggle of being gay and living with it secretly in the NFL.


The Stranger

If you are the type of person who likes complicated series with a lot of mystery, this is the show for you. It has all sorts of thrills and murder that will leave you confused yet very engaged. It is about a stranger who moves around telling people about their secrets, blackmailing some for money and helping others by telling the truth. It combines occasional pop-up and crime in the same series and it is definitely a must-watch.


The Pharmacist

You want a 3 in 1 type of series; the pharmacist makes the best choice. It is about the shooting of a man in his middle 20s who was attempting to buy cocaine. The mystery about the murder was not so clear by the end of episode two. The next thing you will see is how a pharmacist in New Orleans blew up an opioid pandemic crippling the whole area. It shows the drug issues that most countries in the world experience. It is one series that has managed to come back before the 6 episodes are over.


The Circle

It is a reality show where humans are kept in an apartment and only allowed to communicate through the circle- a social media platform. This series is entertaining and highlights how good people are to one another online.



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