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11 Dystopian Films That Make You Think About Social Flaws

Dystopian films are not just a means for casual entertainment; they are artful warnings being broadcasted across screens everywhere, hoping to serve as a wake-up call for those of us who take things for granted.

Dystopian movies have a flair for pointing out the flaws in human societies. They are essentially future society movies and give us a glimpse into what our world could transform into if we are not careful and succumb to the unholy lusts that are deeply rooted in most societies.

Below is a list of 11 movies about a future society that will leave you thinking about all that could go wrong within a perfect human society:

V For Vendetta

This 2005 classic is a timeless masterpiece; it is a movie about a future society that follows the eventful life of V, a revolutionary hidden behind a Guy Fawkes mask. V becomes acquainted with a young lady, Eve, who helps him with his work; at first, she is unwilling to do so, but soon after realizing all that is wrong with society, she finds herself assisting V in his agenda to rid society of those who crave power, and are willing to do anything to get it, including put the lives of millions of innocents at risk.


George Orwell’s 1984 has seen stardom in more ways than one; this classic novel exists as a dystopian movie, too, and highlights how far people will go to repaint their harsh history with bright and false colors in order to gain validation and appreciation from the masses.

It also highlights espionage, and how Big Brother is always watching our every move; no matter which society or age you consider, Orwell’s 1984 will always be a relevant example of the power struggle that exists within human society.

A Clockwork Orange

This film shows England in the future, and a man called Alex, who has frivolous pastimes, as well as dark behavior, including participation in rape and acts of violence. The movie talks about human nature and the extent to which one can control it.

Our very own John Bleasdale took a more in-depth look at A Clockwork Orange here.


Divergent shows us a future society that is divided into five factions, each with people who fit into that faction only, and no other one. Those who fit into more than one section are considered Divergent, and, because they have the ability to rebel and think out-of-the-box, are hunted by the government. This movie warns us about the power struggle that could arise if we do not learn how to accept our differences and instead weaponize them against one another.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is just one of the many dystopian films based upon a book. It makes us think about how writing is one of the best ways to change the world. Social issues essays are a common way to bring forth a revolutionary idea; if you want to address a problem that exists within humanity, write an essay on social issues! You can find social issues essay examples at Hunger Games shows us an extremely dark side of society, and undeniably mirrors the behavior of the Ancient Romans. The film highlights themes that were relevant back then are relevant now, and will continue to hold the spotlight for ages to come for one undeniable reason; they are written inside the very blood of humanity. These themes include the divide between the rich and poor, society’s love for spectacles, and some people’s undeniable defiance of the law.


Metropolis is a 1927 film that talks about the risks associated with the progression of technology; it warns us against potential power struggles and dependency on machines. These themes are more relevant today than ever before; you’re reading this article on a modern technological device, aren’t you?

Children of Men

This movie has a more subtle perspective but can still be considered dystopian. It talks about a generation where no children are born for 18 years, until one young lady finds herself pregnant, and is faced with a myriad of troubles because of it.

Planet of the Apes

This movie compares human society to that of apes and finds an interesting number of similarities and differences. However, we see that instead of animals in cages, on this planet, humans are kept as slaves. This movie begs the following question: what does it mean to be human?

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner highlights what it means to be trapped within a human experiment; it shows us how far people are willing to go in the pursuit of knowledge-even far enough to make them forget what it means to be human.

The Giver

The Giver talks about a world that is uniform and plain; nothing is out of order, and humans have no memories. However, once those memories are unlocked by a curious youth called Jonas, the film’s viewers are reminded of what it means to have a past, and how often we take our freedom for granted.

Fahrenheit 451

A timeless masterpiece, this movie reminds us of love, or lack of it, in human society. It also expresses a human desire to keep “dangerous” and “revolutionary” ideas at bay in order to control the masses.


There are many fantastic films that highlight the dangers of living in a world run by humans; these movies serve as excellent warnings and examples of what society could become if we are not careful.




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