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Sponsored Post: Top 5 Online Games to Play during Lockdown Period

The entire world is now going through the unprecedented deadly disease COVID -19 Coronavirus in which people are looking for the way on how to escape not only from the virus but also from the feeling of boredom while they are sitting back at home 24/7. Britain, USA, India and so many other countries in the world are now running through the 21 days to 1 month or more period of lockdown in the light of pandemic.

Whether you are working from home as instructed by your organization or have decided to make yourself home isolated, watching television, downloading movies or playing any online games like car racing, international lottery gaming, horse racing, bike racing, cricket, football, hockey and more. The engagement on such type of activities will help the people to spend their leisure time and overcome the boredom and provide them a safe and secure way t have fun.

Here are the top five lists of games which the sports lovers can play online on their quarantine or lockdown time:

  1. Ludo King: It is the classic board game that can be played between your friends and family members. Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game which you can play from your desktop, iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile Platforms at the same time. You can play this game in offline mode as well.
  2. Moto X3M Bike Race Game: This is a cool bike racing game where you can be able to open your inner bike riding skills. Here, the gamer has to face big challenges and need to grab your bike, put the helmet on your head and get ready to beat the clock in very challenging off-road circuits. You will face huge difficulties which keep on rising while you progress through different levels. This virtual racing game will keep you busy all the time in such scary and uncertain times.
  3. Pool 8 Ball Game: It is one of the cool free online billiard games which is filled with entertainment and the game is sufficient enough to allow you to practice your intense pool playing skill. In this game, you have to use the cue ball to send other balls to any of the six holes which are present on the pool table. You can play the game in two different options – Play vs. Timer and Play Vs. other Player according to your choice. Avoid scoring a cue ball in the pocket. If you score 3 fouls, then you will be out from the game. Score your 8 balls to complete one level. Amazing graphics, simple controls with cool background music make this game as one of the best pool games.
  4. UNO: It is a family and friendly card game. You can download the app in your mobile, desktop or PC which is incorporated with new features, rules, adventures and tournaments to make the game more interesting and attractive.
  5. Airplane Fight Game: It is a fabulous HTML5 fly game that will allow you to control a plane which is filled with plenty of weapons. By playing this game, you can improve your decision making power after clearing all the levels one by one. It is one of the best adventure games for boys and girls as well. The main objective of this game is to clear the sky from all the other opponent and bad planes and cover the maximum distance without any failure. So, add utilize your plane flying skill to challenge with safe direction, destroy all the enemies and make your country feel proud.


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