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Top 10 Casino Films of All Time

Casino films are a lifestyle. They are glamorous, filled with charm, relaxing and offer a great cinema experience. Whether you want to enjoy the experience of the high roller, cash your chips and enjoy a classic film gambling experience, here are top 10 casino films of all time to give some thought and some real money online casino games.

  1. Rounders

Rounders casino film became a huge success when the online casino version was introduced. The film features two students who decide to play poker to settle their huge debt. They do not go wrong with the film stars Edward Norton and Matt Damon adding more thrill to the film. Rounders offers a deeper insight into poker in the most authentic, spectacular and brilliant approach.

  1. Casino

Casino film is adventure packed and talks of a carefully planned syndicate in a casino. The film is based on a true-life story where several casinos in Las Vegas were run by a mafia. This made it easy for the syndicate to operate smoothly and successfully.

  1. The Croupier

The Croupier is a successful casino film, a cult classic that won the hearts of many casino film lovers. It features Jack Manfred as Clive Owen, the writer who struggles to earn a living, who goes ahead to become a casino Croupier. However, he sinks into the casino lifestyle and explores dirty deals that rule his life. He loses control of the situation in a crazy turn of events. Croupier is interesting, adventurous and powerful casino film that will get you hooked.

  1. The Gambler

The Gambler is a great story that talks about the power of addiction. It revolves around a man, Alex Freed with an intricate lifestyle. Alex is a writer, soft-hearted teacher who slowly gets into gambling and becomes an addict. His bad habits and gambling adventures land him in huge debts and expenses. To reclaim his glorious life, he steals some money from his unsuspecting mother and goes to Las Vegas. The Gambler is an informative casino film that teaches about addiction and the level at which most people go to in the event of a crisis.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven features George C.D Ocean who has a crazy plan to embark on a historic heist. However, he can’t do it alone and must work with a team of dedicated, high flying, courageous men and women. They plan to rob three top-rated casinos in Sin City, while eyeing a prize of $150m. The planned heist is filled with highs and lows, dangers and as you watch the film, you will get hooked wondering if the heist was successful.

  1. 21

21 Casino film features a bright medical student Ben Campbell who needs money to study at Harvard School of Medicine because he cannot afford. Kevin Spacey, his professor, discovers his talent and skill in numbers and includes him in an elite group of talented students. From the time he joins the team, Ben uses his free time card counting in Las Vegas Blackjack table. He earns handsomely, but corruption and greed sets in landing him in disaster.

  1. The Hangover

The Hangover talks about what happens in Vegas. It features Alan, Stu and Phil. The three friends head to Las Vegas to join their friend Doug on his bachelor party. With the fun in the city, they wake up the next day without any knowledge of what happened the previous night. Wondering who the tiger in the room is, where the bridegroom, is and how did one of them lose a tooth. The comedy is real.

  1. Casino Royale

Casino Royale features Le Chiffre, a notorious extremist playing poker in Montenegro. He hopes to win big to settle scores with his crazy acquaintances. He doesn’t know M16’S top agent has been sent to play against them and stop the terrorist from taking away the money.

  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas feature Hunter S. Thomson, as he seeks adventure in Las Vegas. He encounters gamblers, hitchhikers, women, drug dealers and the police in his quest for the American Dream.

  1. Rain Man

Rain Man is a thrilling film that talks about mental wellness, family ties and legal crossing of boundaries in Vegas. It features Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbit, a wealthy businessman.


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  1. Did you and your friend ever compare each other to the Hangover movie characters? C’mon, I always was Stu. When we first saw The Hangover, we sympathized with protagonists in every overwhelming situation and enjoyed the movie…
    Tried to imagine how we would find a solution if we were there. We were jealous, how bright is the life on screen with its expensive cars, Casinos and beautiful girls that still wait for you after all the sh_t that happened to you.
    Despite the fact, the Hangover 2-4 parts exist, I still rewatch it sometimes with a warm feeling.

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