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Top 5 Movies with Real Casino Experience

After going through the film achievements, I was touched by a few of the top classic gambling movies and we shall go through them in a well comprehensive manner. The movies have of course depicted different casino topics ranging from casino gambling, the different forms of games, online gambling not leaving out horse racing activities. 

Among the list of these exciting movies is top of my five best movies that really excited me in the whole catalog. You will be able to note different behavior among the key characters that will also give you a clear picture of how problems affect our lives negatively.

 Casino Royale

In this interesting movie, you will meet a thrilling experience with a nice storyline by James Bond taking on for a poker match. In the movie James Bond takes on a highly skilled figure but who is Bond, the table became a center of attraction, there was a thrilling showdown at Monte Carlo. 

His speed was furious and tactical making the whole event more interesting, you will be able to identify different poker gambling skills Bond employed in the movie. This was actually one of the best plans and tricks of the poker game.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of all the fun and thrilling experiences you may need. According to CasinoDeps editors, most of the top online gambling sites to win money make their design “Vegas-themed” to attract high-valued players from New Zealand, Australia and all over the world. This is well depicted in this famous movie, ‘Fear and loathing in Las Vegas’. A number of illicit activities are seen in Las making it a den of some serious evil. 

You will discover drug dealers and takers, unique hitchhikers, corrupt cops in the street together with all forms of gamblers. The other distinguishing feature is the giant lizards at the heart of Las together with the imaginary bats as well.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is one of the nice movies with a 7.8 IMDB rating you will never want to miss. In this storyline, Danny Ocean has a nice plan that will entice you. The guy planned one of the greatest heists in history. To achieve this, he requires top-notch ladies and gentlemen and ladies who are skillful enough to help him execute his planned mission. 

In his team, Danny Ocean needs a mix of professions whom he trains them so as to fully understand the dynamics of his heist plan. Although it might be difficult to achieve a planned crime, the guys tried their best to the last level but they also did not miss out on challenges that derailed their plans.

The Hangover

This is now a clear picture of the casinos in Las Vegas. A group of friends prepared for a big bachelor party celebration of one of their friends, Doug. The other characters were Alan, Phil, and Stu. It was such a party that the four of them became completely drunk to an extent no one was able to keep an eye for the other. 

The next morning no one woke up with the memories of what had happened the previous night. To them, everything was normal until one of them went to the bathroom and realized they had slept with a tiger in the same house. On realizing, he quickly ran to inform the others of what he had seen in the bathroom. You may look for the official trailer of this movie to see what happened.

The Gambler

This is yet another thrilling experience of how gambling addiction can mess your entire circle of friends and even family. Jim is a gambler who cannot stay with cash for a single second but instead, he goes as far as advancing loans to help him fulfill his gambling needs. While pursuing several reasons during gambling, he spoils the good relationship with his friends until at one time he is hijacked and tortured mercilessly. 

Jim, later on, went to Frank and persuaded him to lend him some money of which he failed to pay after gambling it but he had to make an agreement with them that if he wins then he gives two of them their cash prices which included paying Frank. Get the real experience of this movie and what happened next.





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