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How to Avoid ‘’The Gambler’s’’ Movie Situation?

“The Gambler” is one of the top thrilling movies reviewed by CalvinAyre and other famous platforms you will never want to miss watching. After watching such a movie you will be capable of effectively understanding how gambling addiction can cause you great harm. The harm could come in different forms including financial instability and you become an unreliable debtor throughout the year. 

In the gambler movie situation, Jim is seen as an unreliable debtor who does not pay his loans at the required time. Apart from that, he is seen accumulating debts all over from different loan sharks including his friends and mother. All of this money he is getting is used for gambling until he has no extra cent to spend.

What happened to the Gambler?

Jim, the main gambler, eventually accumulated a lot of debts and destroyed a number of useful relationships. He further messed up the friends he had by attracting threats to the circles due to the misconduct. The gambler was so addicted that he could get advance loans from his friends and family only for the purpose of gambling. 

Jim could not control his gambling addiction and it leads to a number of severer repercussions including some severe torture from Barak who was the same guy who kidnapped him. Frank, one of his lenders agreed to lend Jim some cash so as he can build a safe house that will comfortably absorb his gambling needs. Frank lent him some money but the money came with a tougher warning to Jim. 

The gambler being drawn into serious addiction was not able to control his behavior, he went on misusing the small funds given to him by Frank. Jim had to convince both Lee and Frank for a single spin of roulette in a cool gambling den which he was successful. They had previously agreed that if he wins the bet then he should leave the money at the pub. 

Jim did what he was required but to add on that his payment was in excess especially the one that belonged to Frank. This means that it was in excess of what he owed, but with the generous and honest heart of Frank, he decided to look for Jim and give him back the cash. 

To my surprise, Jim responds back rudely, “Fuck you” and leaves. Although it is good to be free from debts like him, Jim eventually became free from debts and became broke.

How Movie Shows Real Gambling Harm

There is great harm associated with gambling which could be learned from this movie. In this situation I noted Jim was really addicted to gambling like users who register the best casino not in Gamstop UK database to the extent that he could not let a single penny run away instead he could easily exhaust the cash. 

This is extremely dangerous as your account will get exhausted each and every time. Gambling harm arises due to some conflict of interest between the gambler and the financiers. In so doing you get addicted to gambling and money will only have value when it is engaged in a gambling-related activity.

Are There any Ways to Avoid Addiction?

Of course we have a number of solutions in gambling-related activities as a way of curbing the ever-rising problem of compulsive gambling. Among the solutions to this problem is the self-exclusive mechanism which shall control the amount of time you spend on machine gambling or at a bookmaker gambling for you to get money. 

The advancements in technology has made it possible to control most of the gambling menace especially after the introduction of the Gamstop as a self-exclusive mechanism.



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