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Top Movies Casinos You Can Really Visit

Las Vegas has always provided great inspiration for Hollywood and served as a thrilling backdrop for numerous movies and TV shows. While the bright lights, glitz, and excitement of Vegas are enticing, it’s the casinos that really make for a wonderful movie experience. Viewers simply like to see characters they love play casino games.

If you’ve watched a major casino movie and wondered which casino the movies was set in, you will be happy to know many of them can be visited. That’s because Hollywood movies set in Las Vegas typically use the best casinos in the city as locations.

As you may know, the famous Las Vegas Strip is home to numerous amazing casinos that are considered the best in the world. There really is nothing like the live casino experience and Hollywood executives understand this. That’s why they film on location in these casinos, showing the glamour of the casino life.

In this article, we will look at the casinos that have featured heavily in movies that you can really visit. Needless to say, these are all world-class casino venues.

The Bellagio

Arguably the most physically recognizable casino in Vegas, the Bellagio is famous because of the enormous fountain that stretches across its front façade. Inspired by the Italian town of the same name, the Bellagio is all about a glamorous casino experience. It served as the emotional finale of the first Ocean’s Eleven, with the fountains offering a dazzling show. Other notable movies filmed at the Bellagio include Focus, Ocean’s Thirteen, and Jason Bourne.

The Mirage

While the Bellagio is famed for the Fountains of Bellagio, probably the most iconic casino building in Las Vegas is The Mirage. Enormous, imposing, but also elegant, the triangular Mirage Hotel has a Polynesia theme, including the world’ largest free-standing marquee. It is also one of the most complete casinos in Vegas thanks to its massive game floor and thousands of options. A leading hotel and casino, The Mirage has been showcased in Leaving Las Vegas and was the casino where Robert Redford made an Indecent Proposal to Demi Moore in 1993.

Caesars Palace

As one of the oldest major casinos on the Strip, Caesars Palace is a legendary venue that has been entertaining visitors for over half a century. As the name suggests, the Palace has a Roman Empire theme, complete with columns and employees in togas. Caesars Palace is also notable as live music and sports arena (in The Colosseum), including some of the world’s biggest stars and boxing fights. Many major movies have been filmed at the Palace, including The Hangover, Rain Man, and Dreamgirls.

MGM Grand

Another of Las Vegas’ iconic casino and hotel resorts, the MGM Grand was the largest hotel/casino in the world when it opened in 1993. While it has since been eclipsed, it remains the largest hotel in the United States. The casino gaming floor is one of the biggest in Vegas, with over 2,500 gaming machines and over 300 tables. Some of the famous movies filmed at the casino include Ocean’s Eleven, Vegas Vacation, and Casino.


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