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"No matter where you go, there you are."


It’s Bond, James Bond: How to Live Like 007

James Bond is a character we all wish we were like in one way or another. He is cool, he is collected, and he is highly skilled. Aiming to improve yourself to be a bit more like Bond is actually a great way to improve your life and fitness. Obviously, you won’t be gunning down bad guys or using highly advanced superspy gear, but you can certainly look and feel the part in your everyday life.

It is never too late to start your New Year’s resolution, so if you have always wanted to be as smooth as James Bond, follow this guide:


Skip the Gym and Find a Physical Activity

Going to the gym is not for everyone, even for people who can actually manage to go regularly. If you don’t feel inspired or are usually hitting a wall in your efforts, it is time to skip the gym and find something else. There are a variety of combat type exercises that you can do. There is boxing, judo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and countless others for you to choose from. Not only will you get the chance to work out your whole body, but you can also learn self-defence and make friends with the others in your class. It is a fantastic way to be social, learn a new skill, and be the fittest you have ever been.

On top of combat sports, there are also acrobatics, rock climbing, trampolining and many other unique and fun activities you can do to stay fit and build on those essential spy skills.


How to Enjoy that Casino Royale Lifestyle

Casinos are luxurious, stunning destinations that frequently feature in Bond films, but you don’t need to live in Vegas to enjoy the stunning locale. Enjoy a digital slot games lobby where you can choose from a variety of casino games wherever, whenever, right from your phone. Get the thrill when you need a break from work, or even when you are just waiting for an appointment. Just remember to keep to a budget and, if you go over, only to use your winnings.



The best way to travel on a more realistic budget than James Bond does is to keep an eye out for deals and to be flexible with your dates. If necessary, get pre-approved to take time off during a certain month and then look for the best dates and flights to your destination.

Don’t just go for the mainstream destinations, either. There are so many beautiful places around the world that are not crowded or expensive to visit. If you need some inspiration, just have a look at where the cheapest flights go to, especially if you haven’t heard of that city, and do remember to check out what is nearby. If you can rent a car to a truly unique destination from the airport for cheap, then you should do it.

We won’t ever have a license to kill, but you can get fit through fun activities like combat sport, and you can live it big in a casino wherever you are. With cheap flights and many budget-friendly, unknown gems in the world, the only thing that is holding you back is you, so start today and live a life that the old you would be jealous of.


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