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Michael Moorcock’s Elric Saga is getting a TV adaptation

We have got a Lord of the Rings TV show in development, The Witcher is with us in December and now it seems another classic piece of Fantasy literature is heading to the small screen.

According to Deadline, New Republic Pictures’ Brian Oliver and producer Bradley J. Fischer acquired the exclusive rights to all works in Michael Moorcock’s fantasy-horror series The Elric Saga.

Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead and The Shield) and Vaun Wilmott (Prison Break and Star Trek: Discovery) are set to adapt it for TV.

After the death of his father, Elric is expected to reign as the 428th sorcerer-king of the island kingdom of Melniboné, known as the Dragon Isle. Elric believes that after millennia of dominating their world the Melnibonéans have become decadent, and sees that their empire is crumbling, a shadow of its former glory. Only the capital city, Immyr, has not reverted to wilderness. Melnibonéans are described as a haughty, arrogant race who live only for pleasure and novelty. Slavery and torture are common practices. Elric, a sickly albino, requires potions and magic to sustain his health. He has spent much of his youth on Dreaming Couches, which allowed him to learn from virtual years worth of experiences in a short time. Elric is in love with his cousin, Cymoril. Yyrkoon, Cymoril’s brother, also desires Cymoril and opposes Elric. Elric confides to Cymoril that he would like to bring morality and fairness to Melniboné and that he is not interested in cruelty or power, as were his ancestors. Cymoril is supportive of Elric emotionally but does not understand his ideas. Yyrkoon sees Elric as weak. He acts to eliminate Elric so that he would take the Ruby Throne, as Elric is without heirs, making Yyrkoon his successor. Due to Yyrkoon’s treachery, Cymoril is placed in a trance and kidnapped. Elric makes a pact with Arioch, one of the Lords of Chaos and patron of Melniboné, for Arioch’s help in finding Cymoril. During a sea battle, Elric is drowned but is brought back by Straasha, the Sea King. Straasha grants use of The Ship That Travels Over Land And Sea to Elric, who seeks the Runeblades; Stormbringer and Mournblade. He finds them in Limbo, but Yyrkoon has followed him. Wielding Stormbringer, a sentient sword that devours souls, Elric defeats Yyrkoon. Rather than putting Yyrkoon to death, Elric relinquishes the throne to him and decides he shall wander the Young Kingdoms alone and learn of the world outside of Melniboné.

Fischer and New Republic see the Elric saga — which begins with the 1972 novel Elric of Melniboné, as having cross-platform franchise potential.

“Glen, Vaun, Brian and I all grew up on the iconic works of genre masters like Michael Moorcock, and the Elric Saga is among the most influential titles in the canon of fantasy-horror storytelling,” said Fischer. “We feel privileged to have been entrusted by Mike and Linda Moorcock with a character and narrative universe as rich and diverse as Elric, and hope to deliver to generations of fans the enthralling experience they’ve been demanding for so many years from these masterworks of genre literature.”

There is lots of potential for an Elric show, but it is one hell of an undertaking. I hope they get it right.

I am excited for this, but not sure who could play Elric? Maybe Michae Fassbender? Who can you see in the title role?

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