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5 Vegas Films that are Worth Watching

There has always been an allure associated with Vegas and some will argue this has become even stronger with the surge of online casinos such as Royal Vegas, which offers an opulent and exciting gaming service. Hollywood has taken advantage of this love affair with Vegas and over the years, has produced timeless classics. Gambling films can vary, from comedy-based gambling roles to darker more serious stories. With some films viewers find themselves cheering for the underdog, whilst others encourage viewers to see the buzz and thrill of the casino. There are countless movies out there, but here are our five favourites.

The Hangover

The Hangover is a hilariously funny, action-packed comedy film set in Las Vegas directed by Todd Phillips (Joker). This comedy film sees a group of four friends try to overcome the hangover from hell after attending a stag do. They lose their friend and must find him by piecing together what happened the night before. The friend they lost is the groom at an upcoming wedding, and so the group have the added pressure of needing to find their friend before the wedding day.

Win It All

Win It All is a gripping, humorous story of a gambling addict named Eddie. The movie Win It All will have you shouting at the screen. Eddie, the lead character played by Jake Johnson loses a significant $50,000 but then tries to turn his back on the casino and start a fresh. An unexpected temptation then lands on his kitchen table, luring Eddie back into his old gambling ways- but all he ever did was lose, surely, he’ll stick to his guns and stay away from the gambling? Whether back him to give it one last go and win or urge him not to give in to temptation, viewers will find themselves thrilled by this adventure.


The lead character, Ben Campbell played by Jim Sturgess is a young and ambitious aspiring doctor with some hefty medical fees to pay. Just as he realises, he will struggle to fund his medical schooling, Micky Rosa enters his life. Micky is a math teacher and welcomes Ben into an exclusive card counting club. Ben is desperate and before long is drawn in by his new friends and finds himself practicing hand signals and card counting skills on the secret clubs’ trips to Vegas. Ben wants to pay his medical bills, but his card counting colleagues may get too greedy for him. This film is a good one for technical gamblers, or those intrigued to know just how they do it.

The Gambler

Starring Mark Wahlberg, The Gambler is a story of a scheming professor. Gambling films tend to take place in casinos, but this a story of gambling from another perspective. Wahlberg plays a real risk-taker who gambles high stakes which leave him owing some dangerous loan sharks a lot of money leaving him more than ready to use game fixing to win money. This gambling tale even manages to squeeze in a romance between professor and student alongside a family feud over Jim Bennett’s (Wahlberg) torturous gambling ways.

Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation is a comedy film set in the renowned gambling city, Vegas. This funny film stars Chevy Chase, Beverley D’Angelo, and Randy Quaid. Key character Clark Griswold earns a sizeable paycheck and takes his family on a trip to Vegas. Whilst in Vegas, Clark’s plan is to renew his wedding vows with wife Ellen. Whilst in Vegas the family go on several adventures with various slapstick twists and turns and Clark finds himself addicted to gambling in a Vegas casino- with very little luck or success. Clark goes on to lose the family’s savings much to their dismay, will he be able to win them back.


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