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Rounders 2 – Matt Damon Now Claims Sequel Won’t Happen

Rounders is easily one of the best poker film ever made, and the John Dahl picture is credited with being one of the catalysts that sparked the poker boom in the mid-2000s. Despite posting modest box office figures of $22.9 million domestically upon release in 1998, it later surged in popularity as more people became aware of Texas Hold’em. There have been constant calls for the dazzling cast which included John Malkovich and Matt Damon to reunite and make a sequel, but the Good Will Hunting star recently claimed that it will never come to fruition.

There has been a lot of speculation over what kind of plot Rounders 2 would take if it was made. With it being over twenty years since the original, a lot of things in the poker scene have changed. A new offering would have to take that into account. When Rounders was released, online poker was still in an embryonic form. But now it has grown into an industry of Godzilla-like proportions.

Matt Damon’s character was a university student who played in small poker games, but if a new film was to reflect the current state of affairs he would be playing tournaments and cash games at online poker sites like While the games online are exciting, they leave little space for the character interaction which made the first film so intriguing.

Another idea for a premise for Rounders 2 was that Gretchen Mol’s character, Jo, decides to get revenge on Damon’s Mike McDermott. The two characters had been in a relationship in Rounders, and McDermott had promised his girlfriend he would quit poker to focus on law school. He broke the promise, though, and got back into the poker scene. This resulted in their breakup.

The bad news for poker fans who were hopeful of seeing what McDermott was up to nowadays is that Damon has recently claimed that Rounders 2 won’t be happening. It was already looking unlikely with the time gap since the first, but previously Damon and Dahl had said they would be interested in revisiting the characters.

Damon professed that it was impossible to release a niche film like Rounders in the modern age, as Hollywood executives want to create films which are going to appeal to as many people as possible. And the lack of a DVD market means that Rounders 2 would most likely be a flop.

However, all hope should not be lost just yet. There may not be a DVD market anymore, but Netflix has shown that it is willing to churn out films about pretty much anything. Rounders 2 may not be worthy of a cinematic release, but it could easily be made for the streaming service.

Netflix has a lot of money to throw at projects, and has managed to recruit huge actors in the past including Will Smith and Sandra Bullock. The company could afford Damon, and simply having him on board may be enough to get viewers to watch the movie. Although the chances are slim, there may yet be a Rounders 2 release one day.



  1. Rounders season series would hit hard.

    • Sure lol

    • I’m interested in acquiring an option to Produce “Rounder’s 2”

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