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What to expect from the upcoming Walk to Vegas film

What can you say about a movie that draws experience from one of the best slot players of all time? It’s going to be a laugh riot with situational comedy all along. Walk to Vegas revolves around one crazy bet made by a group of compulsive gamblers. Bringing experience to the project, co-scripter, Vincent Van Patten is one of the best poker players of all time. He is also co-starring in this movie along with James Van Patten, and people are expecting something hilarious here.

Actor turned director Eric Balfour is behind the camera for his directorial debut while Steve Alper and Vincent Van Patten have penned the story. Eric’s first go at directing is just one of the reasons audiences are looking forward to the day this film hits theatres. So far, they have only seen Eric Balfour on screen, but this time he has to meet expectations by staying behind the camera.

The film promises to be fast-paced, drawing audiences in from beginning to end, with a strong emphasis on dialogue. It makes sense really. What makes long walks memorable? That’s right, great conversation.

It’s a tale about earning a seven-figure jackpot. The lead characters walk a 280-mile trek starting from San Fernando Valley until Sin City in pursuit of their prize. What happens during the journey and at the jackpot round?  Audiences will just have to wait and see. The film draws inspiration from the gambling experiences of Vincent Van Patten. He was one of the best slot players during his time and his experience helps the crew to understand how to shoot, where to shoot, and when to shoot.

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So, it may seem like Eric’s first movie, but there’s another figure that plays a crucial role in getting things right. The audience will find tons of references to betting and gambling culture. The real-life brothers, Vincent and James also play siblings on screen. Vincent who plays the role of Duke in this comedy flick gets broke after failing in his acting career. His story moves forward as he stumbles upon various infomercial gigs and B-movie one-sheets. The movie is about his ups and downs of his career and what happens when he agrees to a bet to walk to Las Vegas.

This movie also releases by the name 7 Days to Vegas for theatres in North America. The audience should expect a funny, fresh, insightful, and most importantly, entertaining movie. Those who love gambling will find uncanny references to poker and other popular games. In short, this will tickle the audience and will make them want to come over for the second time just to enjoy the jokes and the humor.


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