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The Top Four Casino Films You Need To Watch

Casinos depict wealth, sophistication, and all the hallmarks of the Las Vegas strip. They’ve also been shown in numerous films for years, with the James Bond franchise being one of many to regularly feature the venue. There is no mistaking their appeal and even more so when they’re used in top Hollywood movies. Having a slice of the action is thrilling, and we’ll break down four great casino films that you need to put on your 2019 movie list today!

Casino (1995)

CASINO, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, 1995, in the casino

This Robert De Niro hit was a 1995 blockbuster and depicted the inner workings of a casino. In Las Vegas, a mobster, Sam, is tapped to head the Tangiers casino and proves to be successful; however, in time, his enforcer, his ex-wife and past colleagues, along with corrupt politicians, put Sam in danger. This film was based on a book, and there are some incredibly cool and involved scenes around the craps table. Craps always seems like a firm hit for films, but there’s no denying that this movie has it all and is well worth a watch.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This may seem like an easy choice but it’s an oldie and a goodie. Ocean’s Eleven encapsulates everything about casinos, with some impressive game shots and scenes, and also looks into the workings of a top casino. When Danny Ocean gets parole, he thinks up an epic plan to create the world’s biggest con that doesn’t involve any violence – robbing a casino. It’s elaborate and wild, and it’s a film that is definitely worth a watch if you love casino movies and haven’t watched this one already.

Croupier (1998)

This movie focuses on the life of a croupier, Jack, who works in the casino at night and writes through the day. His girlfriend is not happy with this aimless life but, when a South African mogul appears at the casino, he develops a relationship with her. But are her motives pure? This is an exciting movie for casino lovers, with some great casino scenes mixed in with a little bit of romance and action too.

Casino Raiders (1989)

This Hong Kong action thriller shows a real insight into the Asian casino scene and follows the story of gambling partners who tangle with Japanese gangsters that have recently won more than $60 million from an American casino.

The appeal of casinos in movies will probably never wane; there is a thrill to watching people throw the dice on a craps table and pile up their stacks of chips. Perhaps the future of film will aim to focus on other methods of casino gambling; for instance, there has yet to be a movie that looks into the workings on online casinos and how they operate. Online casinos have grown in popularity because of their safety, convenience and choice of games, allowing the online casino scene to greatly develop over the past few years, so we’re sure there is plenty of time for Hollywood to catch up!

So whether you’re looking for an exciting casino scene, such as those in Indecent Proposal (1993), The Hangover (2009), and Rounders (1998), or more casino based movies, such as The Gambler (1974), The Grand (2007), and Lucky You (2007), you’re never too far away from the action.

Which is your favourite casino based movie?


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