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Film Ahoy launches a new Independent Film Streaming Platform

Ever wondered where multi-award winning indie films vanish to after film festivals? Ever wished there was a platform where titles from all over the world could be accessed for free? We present you with the world’s first subscription-free independent film platform, Film Ahoy, which officially launched today.

The platform was created to celebrate excellent films from all genres and cultures. Titles range from Luke Goss’s all American action film, Interview with a Hitman, City Rats, starring Danny Dyer as a British gangster and The Man Inside (Peter Mullan, David Harewood and Michelle Ryan) to Kung Fu royalty in the Wu Tang collection’s Super Dragon (Bruce Lee). For the Film Ahoy creators, it seemed wrong that these cinematic masterpieces and many others didn’t get the exposure they deserved simply because they weren’t picked up by distributer giants Netflix, Amazon or Sky.

With the ever-rising volume in SVOD and streaming services, consumers may struggle to subscribe to multiple subscription only platforms at once. With many of these platforms being unable to service all of the consumer’s requirements, Film Ahoy is able to provide a high-quality streaming service, without yet another costly monthly subscription.

Headline talent that can be found in Film Ahoy’s extensive library include Christopher Walken, Oliver Reed and Kirstie Alley. They have just taken on 50 martial arts films from the Wutang collection in recent weeks and are currently working on securing up to 300 new titles to add to this.

Film Ahoy is a service where you can enjoy films from across the world with standout casts for free, with adverts every twenty minutes, or for £1 without adverts.

The premise behind the initiative is to perpetuate the reach of independent films from across the world, as well as those that are showcased at independent film festivals and and fade into an abyss just weeks after. The Film Ahoy platform also gives filmmakers from all over the world, specialising in multiple genres, a collective base where they can direct traffic to view their creations and generate revenue.

They hope to raise the profile of independent filmmakers by tapping in to niche fan bases through the website and social media. Contributing filmmakers will be sent quarterly reports of their film’s performance so they can monitor the new revenue that comes in every three months.

Film Ahoy is bought to you by British filmmaker Dean Fisher of Bow Street Media who strives to support his industry by offering other filmmakers a direct route to their audiences with real monetised return.

Fisher is confident that this non-subscription platform is different to what is already on the market; ‘It gives me great pleasure to launch Film Ahoy after three years of development. We wanted to create an additional revenue stream for independent filmmakers and free content for consumers to enjoy. By combining great content with short commercial breaks and a low purchase price of £1 makes our model attractive to the consumer. Why would you want to pirate a film when you can watch for free legally?’ The creation of this platform comes from a position of understanding, as Fisher wanted to create a community where he could showcase his own independent films. Ultimately, he has ambitions to produce films, especially for the platform.

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