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How to Have the Perfect ‘Hangover in Vegas’ Style Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties (or stag dos) are meant to be a night to remember. It’s your last night as a ‘free’ man and it’s time to party with your boys. However, as with most good nights out, have you really succeeded unless you forget half of it?

The Hangover is an American comedy film starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms – created before Cooper’s pivot to Oscar-winning performances, of course.

Chances are, if you’ve ended up reading this article, you already know the movie plot inside out. The men have one wild night in Vegas, wake up with no recollection of it, and then must retrace their steps to find out what happened to them.

The Hangover was one of the most popular films of the ’00s and it remains an inspiration for many bachelor parties across the world. With that in mind, we’ve created the ultimate guide to having the perfect Hangover style boys-weekend, just don’t tell the fiancé!


Visit Caesar’s Palace

Almost all of The Hangover was filmed on location at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This means that to have a true-to-the-movie style party, there’s only one place to stay.

Caesar’s Palace is one of the biggest casinos and hotels on the Vegas strip and it’s actually a must-see in the city, whether you’re wishing to recreate the film or not.

To really honour the film, you’ll need to manage to sneak past reception, take a service elevator up to the roof and have a midnight toast on top of the hotel. Don’t want to get arrested? Maybe just a few whiskeys in the lobby before hitting the blackjack tables.

If Vegas is out of your budget, then there’s plenty of casinos around the UK which also boast blackjack tables and husbands-to-be can also try their luck at many top Pay by Phone casinos. Unless you’ve got a knack for counting cards, however, we can’t promise you’ll be as successful as Alan yet the casino is definitely where the party begins.

Rescue Your Kidnapped Friend with Your Casino Winnings

Usually, a kidnap would be the kind of activity everybody would want to avoid in order to have a great night out. However, if you want to stick true to the movie, you need your head stag to go missing.

To do this safely, you can always hire actors to do the kidnapping or have him carted away by other stag-do attendees, which is arguably more fun. Blindfold the head stag and bundle him into a limo (or taxi) then ‘rescue’ him when you arrive at your location.


Marry a Stripper and Borrow Her Baby

Ok, we hold our hands up already, this is probably not the best idea! In the movie, Stu marries a stripper called Jade in the Little White Wedding Chapel, located on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Unless you really want a lasting reminder of this night, we’d highly recommend not marrying a stripper of course. However, if you are in Vegas for the bachelor party, it can’t hurt to go have a few photos staged outside of the chapel, can it? Remember, you’ll need one of your stags to be already missing a tooth and the other to be holding a small child in a papoose.

What Not to Do

Whilst a Hangover-style bachelor party may be your ultimate aim, there are plenty of scenes in the film you should probably avoid – if you don’t want to end up in jail or, worse, stood up at the altar.

These include:

  • Getting involved with Asian gangsters
  • Removing your own teeth
  • Wrecking a brand new Mercedes
  • Stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson

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