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How A24 Shapes Our Viewing of the World

A24 is a fairly new company in the entertainment business, and we are sure a majority of you is familiar with its work. In case you are, you will be happy to see the firm coming up with new things non-stop. On the other hand, in case you are hearing about it for the first or second time, you will be benefiting perhaps even more. We will be covering some basics alongside the latest projects of this prolific production firm.

For a change, we will be approaching the subject in reverse chronological order, starting from the freshest coming out of the A24 oven. One of the hottest masterpieces coming from the producers of the 2015 documentary about Amy Winehouse is a Jonah Hill-directed melancholic look back into the creator’s childhood. The movie’s fittingly titled Mid90s, and although it has a unique feel to it due to Hill’s recent commencement in filmmaking, it boasts that special A24 spice that each of their films have in common.

Arduously Authentic

Hill is scraping much beneath the surface and is peeling his skin raw to display his coming-of-age in a genuine and sober way. We all have seen a plethora of releases with a more or less similar imagery, but this one is something, trust us. It was no question who the director would work with on producing this extremely personal masterpiece. The fact of the matter is that the director is the real artist, but there is a quintessential reason as to why no other production company came into mind. A24’s ability to portray a specific group of individuals in a way that appeals to that group in real life is the real juice of Jonah Hill’s directory firstborn.

This might seem like a peculiar topic switching, but bear with us. A24 proudly produced the Ryan Reynolds-starring movie Mississippi Grind that follows an unlucky gambling devotee and his soon-to-become best friend, who brings him good fortune. Curtis (Reynolds) doesn’t care about winning as it comes easy to him, whilst his pal Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) convinces him that money will set him free. People like to see themselves on the big screen, so to relate with the protagonists, they can also try their hands with all kinds of online casino games at websites such as Best Casinos right here and see if you are more of a Gerry or Curtis the Leprechaun.

A Movie is a Mirror

The Florida Project

Distinct voices speak in the name of A24. Social constructs that surround the real person engulf the characters in the films, making the pictures applicable to us as viewers. Just look at Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird! They all somehow come from the same box, and cover aspects that we as afflicted humans yearn to see in movies. This is exactly what gained A24 a considerate following.

A24 films seem to be tackling the very core of human existence from a variety of angles and perspectives, attempting at all times to realistically comprehend the odd twists in our lives, with all of their painful and raw qualities. A Mid90s predecessor, The Florida Project, starring Willem Dafoe, is an excellent example of this concept. There has been an abundance of Moonlight articles, especially after it won the Best Motion Picture of the Year in 2017, so we will not be discussing it for long. The film has indubitably worth and has been recognised for it. However, The Florida Project digs into the problematic childhood trope even deeper with the innovative and excruciatingly and painstakingly targeting approach of the Tangerine director Sean Baker. Combining the purity of being a child with its polar opposite, the hazardous opioid culture, the film aims at a specific audience.

What all A24 films have in common is this relatable quality that depicts a certain type of person in an astonishingly authentic kind of way. In this manner, the production house creates easily distinguished movies that seemingly have nothing in common, but are somehow telepathically linked. In other words, if you are on the look for truly one of a kind films geared towards a particular kind of beholder, odds are your next favourite will be found in A24’s bag of goodies.

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