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Writing a Film Review for Students: Where to Get the Valid Information From?

Similar to book reviews, students are also assigned to compose movie reviews. The main purpose is also the same. It’s necessary to make an objective review of a movie you have watched. A researcher must give an unbiased evaluation of the plot, performance of actors, technical effects, sound supervision, costume design and so on. In the end, a researcher should express his or her own opinion concerning the analyzed piece. It’s necessary either to praise the movie or recommend not watching it at all. Of course, one should provide reasoning and convince that his/her opinion is correct.

It’s an interesting task but it also may cause some problems. It’s required to express an opinion, judge the plot and performance of actors, rate actors, etc. Accordingly, this makes the task a bit complex. Many students may understand the plot development and give an objective evaluation. Nonetheless, they experience great difficulties when it comes to writing a review.

They may lack writer’s talent, mess up facts or may be unable to give a plain analysis. This is when you may need help from other people. You should consider valid informative sources that help to craft a perfect review.

Informative sources are required to support the thesis statement. A student has to implement some examples, comparisons and so on. Such data must be officially verified. Another side of this matter is a possibility to learn from the others. For example, you can read reviews of professional movie critics and find out how they make their analysis. Afterwards you can use it in your projects too.

Make allowances for the next valid sources of information for a movie review:

  • Magazines and journals.
  • Online reviewing websites.
  • Samples written by experts.
  • TV programs.

Academic experts from a professional movie review writing service will cast some light on every source of information.

Source #1

One of the common types of information is obviously a newspaper. There are lots of newspapers that devote many pages to movie critique and reviews. It is a good source to use in academic writing. You can learn from the experience of professional journalists and use their tips and styles in your own movie reviews. Try to note some remarkable details of writing style to use them to your advantage.

Source #2

Another similar type of information is to read magazines and journals. They fulfill the same functions as newspapers. However, they are even more specific and informative. Their owners hire professional writers and editors who are real masters of the word. They are skilled and experienced. They can make an objective and competent movie review. You can use their articles to learn helpful tips and recommendations, as well as to use citations in your papers.

Source #3

The power of the Internet is undeniable. It offers online users a wide range of capabilities and one of the greatest advantages it offers is information. You can access specified websites that provide professional movie reviews. Accordingly, you can use them as evidence for your theses and learn some vital tips and tricks.

One has a rich choice among such websites. We want to recommend to you some top movie review resources.

These are as follows:

  • Roger Ebert. It’s possibly the oldest film review website on the Internet and it offers an extensive catalogue. It may be called the Mecca of the websites of its kind.
  • This is a famous resource for the outstanding quality of articles and releases written by approved experts.
  • Rotten Tomatoes. It’s an interesting resource. It gathers reviews from other resources and gives its own evaluations based on the rating of other experts. Therefore, you can get an average rating. Such site as Wikipedia commonly leaves references to this very resource because it trusts the professionalism.
  • Yahoo! Movies. This website makes reviews and gives a rating for the upcoming movies judging from trailers. At times, students have no possibility to watch some films. Therefore, you can learn from the experts of this website how to make critique from a trailer.
  • IMDB. One simply cannot omit this platform. It is probably the most famous movie website on the web. It gathers the average rating of all released movies based on international experience. It sums the rating of registered customers from all over the globe. Accordingly, you see the actual preferences of all nations and not the only one. This platform offers multiple reviews to all movies. The reviews are made by professional critics.
  • Metacritic. This website is similar to Rotten Tomatoes. It gives an average rating based on the reviews of other people. Accordingly, you can find another authoritative source of information.

Source #4

Another benefit from the Internet is a possibility to find written papers of all types. There are many writing services or simply educational websites that offer free samples of academic assignments, including a movie review. Of course, these samples are copyrighted because they are available in open access. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot of helpful tips and tricks to manage your assignment properly.

Source #5

Don’t forget about television. It offers a wide range of special programs that are dedicated to the cinematography. Qualified journalists and experts make overviews of various movies and give their rating. You can find programs that provide a detailed analysis of the most popular movies. Don’t miss this chance and use it in your review paper.


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