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"No matter where you go, there you are."


The Dude Abides in this resin statue that would really tie the room together

I love The Big Lebowski and this resin statue from Dappled Light Studio is just beautiful.

A 1:6 scale urethane resin model garage kit of the Dude, Abiding.

Includes custom printed rug (the original rug that tied the room together) and mini replica White Russian.

As with all garage kits, assembly requires minor cleanup of seam lines. Seam filler and paint are also necessary to achieve the uniform look. We recommend Dupli-color and Krylon spray cans for solid colors. Please view all images carefully for parts breakdown and sizing. Each square of the black mat in the parts photo is .5″ The seated figure is approximately 6.5 inches tall assembled.

NOTE: Due to increased demand recently new orders may take a little extra time. These are cast on demand and we’re still working on logistics but two weeks is expected to be the maximum wait. We appreciate your patience!

You can order it here.

Via The Awesomer

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