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Donald Glover may be the new Willy Wonka

Donald Glover

Derrick Comedy, Community, Atlanta, Lando Calrissian, This is America , plus all the other wonderful Childish Gambino songs is a hell of a track record for Donald Glover.

He may next be taking us to a world of pure imagination as he is one of the stars on the shortlist to play Willy Wonka for a new Warner Bros. film.

Paul King (Paddington) is directing the film and Glover is on the list to play Wonka with Ryan Gosling, Ezra Miller according to Collider. To be honest, I would be quite happy with any of them as Wonka, but I think Glover would be amazing to watch in the role although part of me would just be hoping it was all part of a scheme by Troy and Abed!

Ezra Miller

Miller can go to dark places as shown in We Need to Talk About Kevin and Fantastic Beasts. Plus he can goof around as seen in Justice League.

Gosling can do a bit of everything and I’ve always been a fan of Baby Goose.

Of course, do we need another film based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Gene Wilder is the standard everyone else has to live up to, while Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s version did eventually grow on me (my daughter went through a phase of watching it over and over). Still, this may not be a remake of that as it could be called Willy Wonka & the Dream Factory. A new story may well be the way to go, but I would love to see Dahl’s The Great Glass Elevator get an adaptation.

So while I am not really excited about a new Willy Wonka film, I do find these casting choices quite intriguing and I want to see what they are planning with the new film.

Who would you like to see as the new Willy Wonka?

Ryan Gosling

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