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Video Essay: The Influence of Vertigo

Jacob T. Swinney over at Fandor put together this excellent video essay that takes a good look at Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

When Vertigo was released in 1958, it was met with mixed reviews. That’s hard to believe now, but back then, during a time when Hollywood was just beginning to transition out of its classical era, Vertigo was unlike anything else in theaters. From its use of the zolly to its lighting and color, Vertigo was an artistic exercise in craft and emotion and personal desires. It was unheard of in 1958.

Vertigo’s real inspirational value lies in what it did for filmmaking. It showed future filmmakers that they could make something personal and express themselves with a camera. It showed them that color and editing are just as important as dialogue. It showed everyone what film could be

The Influence of 'Vertigo' from Fandor on Vimeo.

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