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Cool Short: Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th Fan Film

At just over 50 minutes this is one of the longer short films we have featured, but it is well worth a watch.

A fan tribute to Friday the 13th, Never Hike Alone follows an adventure blogger, Kyle McLeod (Andrew Leighty), who uncovers the long lost remains of Camp Crystal Lake while on a solo backpacking trip. Ignoring the campfire tales from his childhood, Kyle’s search turns deadly when he makes the grave mistake of crossing the path of Camp Blood’s legendary mass murderer, Jason Voorhees. Stranded in the forest with Jason on his heels, Kyle must push his survival skills to their limits if he hopes to survive the night. Otherwise, he’ll wind up as another lost victim of the cursed camp.

Great work by Vincente Disanti.

Alan sent it over and said that “the makeup and effects are sick, and the Jason is brilliant. There’s some cool nods to the franchise, and the final act is killer!”

Check it out below.

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