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Cool Mashup: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek

The Star Trek movie from Quentin Tarantino is going ahead. Tarantino has required it to be R rated, and Paramount and J.J. Abrams agreed to that condition. That rating was crucially important to Tarantino, who hopes to direct this Star Trek and who has helmed R rated films his entire career.

It is still early days for that one, but Nerdist but together this mashup video which leans more towards the grindhouse side of things.

Set your phasers to “thrill” with this Nerdist Presents parody that explores classic Star Trek in the style of the pulpy B-movies that influence Quentin Tarantino. With shades of Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds, “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance” clips out the bloodiest, punchiest, killingest moments from The Original Series and recuts them in a style that Tarantino would approve of.

Thanks to Wayne for this one.

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