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There is a chance we could be getting a Hitman TV show based on the DC Comic Book

Hitman, aka Tommy Monaghan, was a hitman with superpowers in the DC Comics Universe. Created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, Tommy first appeared in The Demon Annual #2 and then received his own series by Ennis and McCrea lasting 61 issues.

He was a great character and the comic was lots of fun. Full of bizarre characters, hilarious moments and a spot of ultra-violence.

He first appears in The Demon Annual #2 (part of the “Bloodlines” crossover in the summer of 1993), when he is attacked and bitten by a Bloodlines parasite called Glonth. Instead of dying, the bite unexpectedly triggers his metagene and grants him x-ray vision and moderate telepathy. A side effect is that his corneas and irises are solid black, indistinguishable from his pupils; the sight managed to unnerve Batman when he first saw them. The inherited powers later come with limits, and Monaghan uses them selectively, both because of the difficulty of concentrating during an explosive firefight and the side effects of their extended use (which includes anything between a headache and a minor illness).

While sitting on a panel at the DC in D.C. event this weekend, a fan of Hitman asked DC’s President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns if there were any plans for the character on TV. Johns played coy at first, but he did answer the question definitively by saying that “we are talking about Hitman.”

That’s all very vague at the moment, but it is nice to know that Tommy Monaghan is being talked about. I do feel he would work well in a TV show. Who would you like to see play Tommy?

Source: CBR, Wikipedia

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