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Sponsored Post: Oh, the weather outside is frightful! So time for a Movie Night!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is with us (read our reviews here and here) and the next couple of weeks will see the new Jumanji movie, The Greatest Showman, Pitch Perfect 3 and more. However, until then there are plenty of Christmas classics to put on and get into the Christmas spirit. Why not hop on your sofa, grab a bag of popcorn and have an excellent night in?

Butterkist Popcorn very kindly sent over a few bags of popcorn a Now TV three month pass and some other bits and pieces (Full transparency – that’s what they sent over for me to write this post – no money was involved – I’m just a sucker for free popcorn!). My daughter had already grabbed the post-it notes, pen, paperclips and other things as she does love her stationary and will no doubt construct so Star Wars themed creation.

With The Last Jedi being the big film at the end of the year (I’m seeing it tomorrow), it seemed that the movie night in question should be a rewatch of The Force Awakens. The Christmas decorations were up, the fire was blazing away….eventually, the chimney was cold so it took a little while, we had free popcorn (everyone else could have the salted popcorn, but I was fine with the Sweet & Salted and the Salted Caramel popcorn). Mr. Robot recently introduced me to the concept of mixing M&M’s with the popcorn, but I am just not sure if I am ready for that kind of concept! The hot chocolate was flowing – I keep meaning to try and make some proper hot chocolate (Binging with Babish had a great recipe that I like the look of), but for the moment it was just the instant kind and whole heap of mini-marshmallows. There were also blankets if anyone wanted to get extra cosy.

It is all the little things that can add up to make a great movie night, but the most important thing is to have friends and family with you. That can make almost any film all the more enjoyable and enhance the whole experience. If it is bad you can do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and just rip it to pieces and turn it into one of the funniest times you’ve ever had. If it is a scary movie, the scares are amplified, but you feel safer. Comedies seem funnier as everyone laughs loud and good films become great ones.

With The Force Awakens over, it was time for a Christmas movie and while Die Hard was the obvious choice, after the action of the previous film we went with a bit of Scrooged. Bill Murray does great things, but you knew that already. You’ve seen the film and know how good it is. BY the time the final credits rolled the Christmas spirit was strong in all of us.

The snacks were all gone, but as the hour was late there was only one thing for it. Hot buttered toast and mugs of more hot chocolate.

A perfect movie night was had by all.

What are the ingredients that make your movie nights perfect? What are your favourite snacks to have and beverages to drink? Finally, what is the best movie night you have had while watching a dreadful film?

All images are my own.

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