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52 Films by Women: November

There sadly wasn’t a whole lot of time this November to watch films, but the two I did manage to see were certainly worth discussing!

Here are your #52FilmsByWomen films for November, which were either written or directed (or both) by women.


Mudbound (Netflix UK), directed and co-written by Dee Rees

This is an absolute must-watch. It’s visually striking, with a bold and powerful story.

The film follows one white man and one black man who, back from war, are struggling with PTSD and fitting back into normal life in a segregated America. It’s a story of race and belonging and seeing past differences created by society.

And it’s absolutely gut-wrenching.

See also: Jason Mitchell is in Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit. Garrett Hedlund is in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken. Alternatively, check out Dorfman, from Mudbound’s cinematographer Rachel Morrison, which is written by Wendy Kout.

Prince of Nothingwood (Cinema), directed by Sonia Kronlund

This documentary follows a bonkers film-maker in Afghanistan as he makes another film. It’s funny and a delightful act of defiance against the oppressive government but it’s also a fascinating insight into a world dominated by men, through the eyes of this incredibly brave and fearless female director.

See also: check out some impressive documentaries from female film directors, including Ava DuVernay (13th), Sarah Polley (Stories We Tell) and Liz Garbus (What Happened, Miss Simone?).

What films written or directed by women have you been watching this past month? Join the discussion and tweet me at @filmvsbook.

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