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Toy Review: Mjolnir Electronic Hammer, Thor and Hulk Marvel Legends Series Figures

There was no knock it was just suddenly there on the doorstep. A large parcel of pleasing dimensions.

Carrying it to the kitchen table I quickly opened it and gazed upon Wonder!

There before me was Mjolnir (aka Meow Meow). The Hammer of The Mighty Thor.

If you have seen Thor: Ragnarok or the trailers (so this isn’t really a spoiler) you will know that Hela destroys Mjolnir early on in the film. However, it had obviously just slipped through dimensions and ended up on this version of Midgard. Now it was in my hands

Taking a deep breath I slipped my through the leather wrist strap and grabbed the handle. Thinking happy thoughts, like toys at Christmas, sleigh bells and snow, I tried to pick the hammer up. To my surprise, it lifted easily. Truly I, a lowly film journalist, was worthy to wield the power of Thor.

Yet where was the lightning? Where was the thunder?

Looking closely at Mjolnir I realised my one mistake.

It needed batteries!

Batteries in, there was a crack of thunder and suddenly I had the good looks of Chris Hemsworth and all the power of Thor….Well, I had a beard and some family in Sweden so that had to count for something!

As you may have guessed I was mightily impressed with The Mjolnir electronic hammer.

A damn fine life-size replica of one of the classic weapons from Marvel comics and now Marvel movies. However, be warned that the battery cover and switch are on the underside of the hammer so when you put it on the stand it is quite obvious and does spoil it a little.

It has a pleasing weight to it as you lift it and there is the constant temptation to start spinning it to see whether it can make you fly (it can’t) but the price and the sheer beauty of it will make you pause and either put it down on the dinky little stand or walk around with it over your shoulder.

As I said, it is weighty so I wouldn’t advise giving it to little kids to play with as they could end up hurting themselves and others. They could also do some serious damage around the house and possibly open a gateway to one of the other nine realms. Best to let those who are a little older play with it.

When you’ve got the batteries in and turned on it gives you a whole new dimension. That if sight and sound. If you swing it around both ends of Mjolnir glow a pleasing blue and the air is filled with the sound of thunder. What’s moforthu can call fourth the mark of Odin!

It is a worthy addition to the lair of any comic book or movie fan and you could just leave it on a shelf looking all beautiful, but there is always the constant urge to pick it up and walk around the house calling to Heimdall.

For the cosplayers out there it would also be great to add an extra dimension to your Thor or even Ramona Flowers outfits. I can also see it going down a blast at my weekly D&D session.

Basically, if you love Thor and have a decent amount of expendable income, as it is rather expensive, then pick this up…..if you are worthy! Now I need to try and get hold of the Marvel Legends Captain America Shield.

You can buy it on Amazon or ToysRUs.

The box still held more treasure in the shape of a 12-inch Thor Legends figure and a 14.5-inch Hulk Legends figure from the Marvel Legends Series. Obviously, the two heroes had been miniaturised in some grand evil scheme put together by the numerous villains in the Marvel Universe. They had ended up with to try and return them to their rightful size.

Grasping Mjolnir in my hands I raised it aloft and tried to call down the power of Odin to breaks this pernicious spell, but it was no use. They stayed as pieces of plastic with over 30 points of articulation and various accessories including alternate hands, heads and more.

So it was that my daughter and I had to re-enact the battle scene from Thor: Ragnarok. While the heroes were forevermore trapped in the form of large action figures, we did have a great time playing with them!

The details on both figures are fantastic, although I did prefer the Thor figure. As you can see they are not at the level of Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectible figures, but they will still look amazing on your shelf, but even better when playing with them as toys should be. Still, they are on the expensive side so it is entirely up to you as to whether you let your kids play with them. My daughter is over 10 years old and enjoyed playing with them, but also wanted to make sure they did not get damaged. Both are based more on the comic book characters rather than the movie versions. Something I am more than happy about as I am a huge comic book fan.

Both are solidly put together and the many accessories mean you can set them up just how you want them. The Hulk one even has an alternate head with the old bowl cut style haircut although it does look a bit odd.

As with the hammer, both of these figures are on the more expensive side with the Hulk being the costlier of the two. They are huge figures though and again they have that pleasing weight to them when you take them out of the box – of course there is that whole “should I take them out of the box?” thing going on – and both are very poseable. They are well put together so if you do get them for your kids they will take a great deal of punishment without breaking. Of course, the interchangeable bits could fall over in the heat of battle, but they are quickly put back.

They do make me want to get hold of the rest of the Avengers in the Marvel Legends Series!

You can get the Thor figure here and the Hulk figure here.

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