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Stephan Franck’s Silver is getting a film adaptation – A team plan a heist to rob Dracula of his treasure!

While I was at New York Comic Con, my friend and After the Ending co-host, Mike Spring, recommended Silver. It is a comic book by animator and director Stephan Franck (Iron Giant, Despicable Me).

Set in an original universe inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, SILVER takes place forty years after the events of the novel, into the noir/Pulp era of the 1930’s. The 4-volume miniseries follows the adventures of master thief James Finnigan and his group of conmen, as they team up with vampire hunter Rosalynd Van Helsing — granddaughter of the famed professor, and last of the Van Helsings — and Tao Leu, a young Chinese boy with the gift of second-sight, to steal the Silver Dragon: a mythical treasure hidden in Dracula’s castle. What could go wrong with that plan?!

Stephan said that Andrew Cosby (Hellboy) is working on adapting the comic book for Solipsist Films. Stephen L’Heureux is producing. It is still early days, but it will make for one hell of a film.

I picked up the three collected volumes of Silver from Stephan’s booth at NYCC. He very kindly signed them all, but I am kicking myself that I didn’t ask for a sketch! Live and learn as it was my first time at the convention.

As for the comic itself, I can highly recommend it. It has a great pulp noir feel to it, great characters (I love how they are introduced), wonderful action scenes and such a cool concept. The black and white artwork is also a total joy and there are moments of genuine surprise as you read it.

Head over to Dark Planet Comics and pick it up for yourself.

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Mr, Stephan Franck and Mike Spring at NYCC 2017

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