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Cool Short: Cradle starring Dante Basco

Always good to see Dante Basco – he played Rufio in Hook – and this is a pretty cool short film.

A man (Dante Basco) returns to the scene of a terrible crime where he lost everything, determined to face his demons and rewrite a little bit of history.

A young man walks into a dingy and seemingly abandoned building with nothing but a chair, a notebook and a backpack of supplies. He looks like he’s been walking forever. After looking over the bleak surroundings, he sets up his chair in the middle of the room and begins to prepare himself.

After downing a large amount of food and water, he reaches into his pocket and retrieves a notebook. The notebook is filled from cover to cover with hand-drawn symbols, equations and notes.
Near the end of the book are several pages containing patches, each with a hand-drawn value next to them. The young man takes a patch with the value of ‘1’ written next to it and applies it to his neck. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and then…

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Directed by David Holechek
Written by Jake Hart
Produced by Jake Hart and Ben Nichols
Executive Producer Daniel Holechek
Story by Jake Hart and Joshua Bregman
Original Music by Ronen Landa
Cinematography by Ethan Brookins
Edited by Josh Land and David Holechek

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