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Some rumours have surfaced for the plot of Bond 25, but who will win the rights to Bond?

Daniel Craig finally confirmed he would be back for the next James Bond film. Bond screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis are back, but little else is known about Bond 25.

However, there appears to be a bidding war for the distribution rights to James Bond since the deal with Sony expired after 2015’s Spectre

Warner Bros. are currently in the lead to land film distribution rights to the Bond franchise — whose — but they are being chased by both Apple and Amazon.

The tech giants are willing to spend the same as Warners, if not much more, for the rights, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. MGM has been looking for a deal for more than two years, and Sony, Universal and Fox also had been pursuing the property.

But the emergence of Apple — which is considered such a viable competitor that Warners is now pressing MGM hard to close a deal — and Amazon shows that the digital giants consider Bond one of the last untapped brands (like a Marvel, Pixar or Lucasfilm) that could act as a game-changer in the content space. Apple’s and Amazon’s inclusion in the chase would indicate that more is on the table than film rights, including the future of the franchise if MGM will sell or license out for the right price.

Sources say newly arrived executives Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht are spearheading the effort on Apple’s behalf. This would suggest that Apple is interested in cutting a larger rights deal or acquiring full ownership to exploit Bond’s largely unmined TV potential. Valuation of the franchise may be anywhere between $2 billion and $5 billion, says an insider.

Theoretically, this could mean we could have more films and TV shows set within the Bond universe.

Enough of that, what about the possible plot details for Bond 25? I’m glad you asked.

Possible spoilers ahead.

Page Six had the news:

“Bond quits the secret service, and he’s in love and gets married.” The source continues that “his wife then gets killed,” bringing Bond back into action.

In the franchise’s last film from 2015, “Spectre,” Bond’s love interest was Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann — who’s (naturally) rescued by Bond just before the closing credits. But the source says that as the next film opens, they are in wedded bliss. “The film’s like ‘Taken’ with Bond,” says the source, who adds that the suave spy is trying to avenge his wife’s murder.

This has already happened to Bond back in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Daniel Craig’s Bond was in love with Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd back in 206’s Casino Royale. Then there have been the many other women that Bond has been romantically involved in who have then turned up dead.

I can see how doing this could give the film a different direction. Having Bond focused on pure revenge as opposed to just stopping an evil genius. We will have to wait until something more official comes our way. This may be the way they are currently heading, but for the moment I would take it with a pinch of sale.

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