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Game of Thrones – A guide to some of the hit show’s filming locations

With Season 7 of HBO’s epic fantasy Game of Thrones now in full swing, viewers are getting glimpses of the Seven Kingdoms once more.

Location scouts play a key role in any film project, but perhaps especially so when looking at the size and scale of this particular production. Scenes quickly contrast between the snow and ice of the north to sweeping sunsets and lush greenery – so just where are these breathtaking cinematic scenes shot? We take a look at some of the top Game of Thrones filming locations below…

Girona, Spain (Catalonia)

Situated in northeast Spain, the city of Girona doubles up for Braavos, King’s Landing and the Old Town in the show. Cast and crew were spotted filming during Season Six in locations such as the Jewish Quarter, Arab Baths, and Girona Cathedral, which is now famously known among fans as the Great Sept Of Baelor, or the site from which Cersei begins her Walk of Shame.

Valencia, Spain

The beautiful fortified town of Peníscola is located in Valencia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is nicknamed the “City in the Sea” due to its coastal location, but the city would be soon come to be known among fans as Meereen once crews were spotted arriving to film in October 2015.

Almeria, Spain

One of many Spanish locations on the filming docket, the province of Almeria was also used as backdrop. In Season Six, viewers were introduced to the Kingdom of Dorne, the capital of which is better known to locals as the historic walled castle of The Alcazaba of Almería.

Gozo, Malta

Malta’s famed Azure Window may have collapsed into the sea, but it was immortalised on screen in the premiere episode of Game of Thrones. Fans can still catch a glimpse of this lost natural wonder during the wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Early scenes set in King’s Landing were initially filmed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mdina, the “Silent City”, in Malta. However, following complaints from Maltese officials that filming was causing damage to protected areas, filming was relocated to the Dalmatian Coast in Dubrovnik. In Season Two, another famous UNESCO World Heritage site makes an appearance – the show’s The House of The Undying is actually the Minceta Tower, located in the highest point of Dubrovnik.

Northern Ireland

Simply put, Northern Ireland is home to so many of the show’s locations, it’s hard to pick just one to focus on. It’s home to a number of different shooting locations, doubling up as the Iron Islands, Castle Black, and the Stormlands among others. The Dark Hedges, located in Ballymoney, can be seen on screen as The Road from King’s Landing. This stunning 18th-century beech tree-lined avenue has been a staple of the season since Season One, with plenty of action taking place on the Kingsroad ever since. Elsewhere in Northern Ireland, Ballintoy Bay doubles up as
Lordsport, and the Cushendun Caves acts as the Stormlands. It was here that the Red Priestess Melisandre had the shadow creature in one of the show’s most memorable scenes. Castle Ward may be part of The Stangford Castle Ward Estate, an 18th century property managed by the National Trust in County Down, but to fans of the show this structure is better known as Winterfell, home of the Starks.

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