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Game of Thrones – What is the value of the realm’s magnificent properties?

With the seventh season of Game of Thrones over halfway through the various characters have ended up in many different places.

Settled set out on a mission to value the most impressive dwellings featured in the series.

While many fans think that the home of The Iron Throne would triumph as the highest priced property, their findings revealed that:

  • Casterly Rock, carved into the side of a giant hill, accessed by the impressive “Lions Mouth” entrance, ranks as the most expensive dwelling featured in the series – valued at £1m, and it’s gold mine which is priced at £55bn
  • The Red Keep, home of the iron throne comes in second, valued at £1.25bn
  • The Great Pyramid, with its marble stairways, throne hall and dragon pit comes in third place valued at £1.24bn
  • The Twins in the Riverlands, and their strategic position in being able to charge tolls form travellers passing across is priced at £159m, coming in fourth place
  • Winterfell, and its 10,000 year-old surrounding forrest comes in fifth place at £158m
  • Harrenhal and its magnificent towers comes is valued at £70m coming in sixth place
  • Highgarden, home of the Tyrells, and its ornate tiered-wall castle is valued at £17, taking the seventh position
  • Castle Black, arguably the best of the 29 castles along the wall and offering good views of the kingdom, comes in eighth valued at £9m
  • The Eyrie, with its 5 castles on the top of the mountain is the least expensive dwelling in the Game of Thrones world, valued at a £5m.

Check out the full infographic below.

Thanks to Alan for sending it over.

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